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Proud and loving owner of a CAO dog.

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A study by Carroll University, Wisconsin found that cat owners scored more highly on an intelligence test than dog owners and are more sensitive too Dog lovers tend to be more energetic, outgoing and
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In the wake of a number of serious dog attacks, a majority of New Zealanders want dog owners, not just their dogs, to be compulsorily registered. Fifty-nine per cent of people polled back a call for r
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TV's Cesar Millan tells Hongkongers that owners often need more training than their pets.  As a celebrated "dog whisperer", Cesar Millan knows a thing or two about animal behaviour. But often it's the
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Jett Grande
Red deer
Ruud NL
I am here.
mastini-mayhem US
Work, Test, Cull~Don't make excuses.
admin US
No one of us is a smart as all of us.
Akebono US
Was bringt mich nicht um, macht mich Stärker
IvaNandNellY BG
eliteguardianpresa US
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present. Open your gift and enjoy the moment.
Kretka3 GB
Don't argue with your dog - he is your Security Director and he is always right. Right?;)
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US Airways flight forced to make emergency landing after Truffles the service dog relieves itself twice in aisle - making passengers vomit.
31.05.2014 · From 1234
Provocative Islamic sign that says 'Do not walk your dog here! Muslims don't like dogs' investigated by police.
30.05.2014 · From 1234
Woman fights python to save pet dog
11.05.2014 · From 1234
Human-Coyote Encounters Becoming Common in Urban Jungle
11.05.2014 · From 1234
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Breed profile on the Boz Shepherd.
Dogs  Breeds
30.05.2014 · From 1234
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Toby is a 5 year old male pomeranian. We adopted him this year.
Male, 5 years old
May 09, 2014 · Owned by 1234
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