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Hello, my name is Gary and I created this site in 2003 using another content management system. 

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Gary_Sicard wrote
SEMINOLE, Okla. (WKRC) - A dog walked 20 miles from one town to another twice to get back to her family that had moved.
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Actually the photos are not contradictory at all.  The profile said

"The coat is flat and short, but quite dense and thick, accepted in a variety of coloring, from solid fawn, red and black shades to various bicolors, such as white-based parti-colored and darker dogs with small white markings, as well as black-n-tan and tricolored specimens."

It shows a black and fawn colored dog that are very similar in head structure.  Seems ok to me.  Do you have some better photos to depict this breed. We will be happy to add them.

Originally developed in Detroit's Metro area, the early Panja Mastiff was a result of crossing Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers and Bandogs
23.02.2003 · From admin
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Photo taken by Nicol - good shot.

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Both the Outline and Timeline feeds are on the front page at the same time.  Outline first then as you scroll down you will see timeline. According the the developers the Outline is supposed to be a main feature and the Timeline is on a profile.  Please take a look at both and vote on your preference for our home page feature.  I will remove the other one after a few days.

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I agree. It will probably grow out of it and look ok as it gets older but the crop job was badly done.

A little over a year ago Dogumentary TV sat down with Marcus Curtis of Old World Mostinos. Back t...
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Cute puppy!

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New job for the gladiator
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Yep. And so do most men. Lol

Folded paper
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Well.. you asked to see .. lol

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In March 2016, I was driving home from hiking at Lost Maples State Park near Vanderpool, TX and on highway 181 I saw a dog in the back of a pickup truck. At first I thought the dog had a leash on that
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The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a name used to describe quite a few different breeds, actually. It should be noted that using the word "Alabai" to describe the C.A.O. is incorrect, since the breed known as Alabai is only found in Turkmenistan and is quite different than its other Asian cousins. Al…
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New job for the gladiator
15.12.2017 · From Gary_Sicard
In Houston TX, a man shoots his neighbor because he would not stop beating his dog.
12.08.2016 · From Gary_Sicard
Please help to stop this from happening again.
27.06.2015 · From Gary_Sicard
The parade of Portugal will be held in conjunction with the UKC Premiere 2015 in Kalamazoo MI, USA.
09.05.2015 · From Gary_Sicard
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This is a list of dogs that are on the brink of Extinction. Cross posted from FB with permission of the author.
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