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No one of us is a smart as all of us.
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present. Open your gift and enjoy the moment.
Molossers are the best dogs.
Work, Test, Cull~Don't make excuses.
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We have a Greek Shepherd, specifically looking for others in the United States.

The Greek Shepherd is a rare breed of ancient livestock guardian dog, one of the "smaller" breeds, I expect our Meg to be no more than 80 lbs. They are related to the Molosser guardian breeds from the near countries of Greece.  We were fortunate to have acquired ours from a Greek national here for pilot training, at a nearby military base. I was happy to get her, she doesn't seem to want to roam, like a Pyrenees, and isn't so huge that normal vet care becomes a problem,(as our previous Anatolian X) .  She quickly bonded with us, and our livestock.  It has taken only a small effort to bond her with poultry, which can be problematic.  She is also our general farm guard, and seems to have the desired "primitive" livestock guardian traits intact.  I have made a facebook page for the breed-

We enjoy working with many breeds, and have shown Chows, and currently have a search & rescue Belgian Malinois and a working Australian Kelpie.


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TexomaMorganLady commented on a video

Very interesting, thank you!  I enjoy seeing livestock guardians do their work.  I respect coyotes, wolves and all wild canines, but I am happy to have a guardian dog for my sheep and chickens!  If it were not so warm here I would love to have a Caucasian to work alongside our Meg.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog vs Wolf (Documentary in HD!!!)
Enjoy and please Like/Subscribe/Share and leave your comments!!! Subscribe here: M...
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12 days ago
TexomaMorganLady commented on a photo

Thank you!

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17 days ago
TexomaMorganLady added 24 new photos to album TexomaMorganLady's photos
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