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  •  1234: 
    Hello Gary. I was thinking that do you think it would be possible if there was a article written about how MD started out and how it came to be today ? That would be cool. Maybe you could right about it in the future? Because that would be cool. Of course if you don't want to I am fine with that.
     81 days ago 
    1 point
  •  cynology: 

    Hi Gary,

    Good luck with the new site.

    Friendly yours,


     759 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
    1 point
  •  soldiermonkey: 
    Hi Gary, it appears posting in the forums is still not working... How you been?
     783 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
    2 points
  •  milouchouchou: 
    Hello Gary Your new site is really very good and very nice, bravo for the work. Just curious, what system do you use for this new site? Best regards, Francis
     787 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
    2 points
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As part of improving the site and communicating with our members I have installed a system to deliver email updates and news letters to you.  I sent out an announcement on 9 May and received about 80 undeliverable bounces because of invalid email addresses
admin · 82 days ago

I installed points system today which will award points for site activity.  Some activities give higher scores and at the end of June the member with the highest points get a very cool collar make by a master leather maker.  So, post comments, blogs, forum
admin · 82 days ago

The Calgary Model   The animal control bylaw in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has been hailed by many as a HUGE success.  While other cities and provinces in Canada are banning breeds, Calgary is choosing education program and stronger enforcement.  What's th
admin · 579 days ago

This useful article was written by Kimberly M. Wang of Eardog Productions and contains some great tips about photographing your dogs. As a kid, my pocket point-and-shoot camera was one of my favorite diversions, second only to the subject of my shutterbug
admin · 624 days ago

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy explains the intricate difference between Republicans and Democrats. This is straightforward country thinking...by Jeff Foxworthy  Which Side of the Fence? If you ever wondered which side of the fence you sit on, this is a g
admin · 629 days ago

As the weather changes from summer to fall and eventually winter, please consider your dogs health and warmth.  It may be time to toss the old bedding and get something new.  Put some fresh clean bedding in their kennels or sleeping area and keep them safe
admin · 661 days ago

I have removed a few features from the site and also reduced the number of items displayed on the frontpage. This is in an effort to make the site faster and less cluttered until the completely new release is implemented.  Your comments on the the declutte
admin · 751 days ago

Lets face it, one of the great things about any site or group is the ability for members to interact in real time and share information and knowledge.  It was one of the great things about the previous MD site which had a block to show how many members wer
admin · 759 days ago

There will soon be a new upgrade to the system running this site.  It will bring some much needed enhancements and simplification to the site - somewhat like the major social networking sites that many of you are familar with already.  I am excited about t
admin · 763 days ago

So how do you embed a video in the forum?  Easy- follow this direction. when in the forum posting mode - look on the post ext formating options and click HTML when you are at the point where you want to put your video.  I am assuming tha you have already c
admin · 774 days ago
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Thanks to the efforts of dedicated breeders and enthusiasts in the 1970's, the Presa Canario was re-created by gathering the surviving Canary Island Bulldogges, most of which were fighting crosses and not pure Presas at all, and crossing them with the Alano Espanol, American Staffordshire Terrier, G…
4 fans
Houston, United States
219 days ago · From admin
For discussion and information about the grouping of dogs known to descend from the ancient Moloss of Greece. Below is an explanation of what a true Molossan dog really is... :) Well at least it is one author's (Dogs by Desmond Morris) opinion of the origin of the Molosser Dog. This ancient, extinc…
9 fans
Houston, United States
233 days ago · From admin
The mighty Tornjak is an ancient Moloss from the Mt.Vlasic region of Central Bosnia, but these dogs have existed in many parts of the Balkans for centuries.
6 fans
Houston, United States
593 days ago · From admin
Sarplaninac is a breed of Antiquity, believed by many to be one of, if not the oldest true Molosser in the World. There\'s an old Balkan folk legend that says the breed remembers the time when everything used to be under water except for the highest mountains, implying the connection to the Biblical…
5 fans
Houston, United States
602 days ago · From admin
Description It is believed that the ancient Central Asian dogs are the ancestors of all breeds. This is debatable, but it is almost certain that the Tibetan Mastiff is a descendant of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog and not its ancestor, as often thought. There is a strong possibility that the…
7 fans
San Antonio, United States
629 days ago · From admin
This is a classic Italian bulldogge/mastiff, descended from the old Roman Molossers, closely associated with the southern Puglia region and related to the Neapolitan, as well as the Sicilian breeds, with which it has traditionally been classified together under the Cane da Presa name. It also has ti…
5 fans
Houston, United States
638 days ago · From admin
The Kuvasz is a breed of ancient origin, believed to be one of the oldest Molossers alive. There are various theories concerning the breed's origin and its name, from those suggesting that it is the Sumerian ancestor of the Tibetan Mastiff and that its original name was Ku Assa, meaning "Horse …
4 fans
Houston, United States
723 days ago · From admin
One of Britain's most famous breeds, the Bulldog of today is a very different dog compared to its Alaunt ancestors, not only in appearance, but also in personality. Descended from the old fighting, hunting and bull-baiting mastiffs and bandogges of Europe and common butcher's dogs of Britain, it …
7 fans
Houston, United States
732 days ago · From admin
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American Rare Breed Association (ARBA) show will be held in Claremont CA.
563 days ago
Hotel Claremont, Claremont, CA, United States
From admin
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I created this site for dog owners, especially Molossoid type dogs, to come together as a community for the promotion and betterment of their breeds.  Here you can share info in a social setting and learn from each other.

Ronmastiff Boxweillers
A voice for the animals
Pitbull 4 Ever!!!
Proud Papa; Husband; Gamer & Former USMC Marine
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This is your default user headline on your profile.  Please update it to something you like after login by editing your profile
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7 days ago
admin commented on a photo
very nice photo.
7 days ago
admin commented on a photo
Hey Jayden -
7 days ago
admin commented on a photo
Awesome photo Jess. You are getting better with that camera.
Two puppies playing
Bimbo and Conan
7 days ago
admin commented on a profile
I think he meant profile info.
Jesus is returning soon. Are you ready?
36 days ago
admin commented on a blog post
If you know of anything to add please let me know

Beware! Plants Poisonous to Dogs Know which plants and foods are no-nos for your dog. By DC Editors | Posted: Mar 19, 2013, 3 p.m. EDT People are often surprised to learn that there are actually hundreds of plants potentially poisonous to dogs many of w
36 days ago
admin is now friends with rudymarco
36 days ago
admin commented on a photo
do you mind saying who is the breeder or which kennel?
38 days ago
admin commented on a profile
We are glad you are here .. and thank you for your input to the site.
38 days ago · 1 comments1 comments
admin commented on a photo
Yes - excellent specimen.
38 days ago
admin commented on a photo
Yes and that is a nice garden.
38 days ago
admin commented on a photo
Congratulations Hugo. Beautiful CAO
38 days ago
admin commented on a photo
Check out the website at http://maria-gkinala-art-studio.webs.com/
acrylic on canvas. Private collection.
38 days ago
admin commented on a photo
Very nice rendition of the Alopecis
39 days ago
admin commented on a article
thank you
Considered by many to be just a regional variant of the Central Asian Ovcharka, the legendary Alabai is a respected working breed in its native Turkmenistan, where it is highly valued for its purity and personality traits, as well as its superb resil…
4175 days ago · From admin
47 days ago
admin commented on a photo
Another fantastic photo... so who is behind the camera in these shots?
47 days ago
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Selective breeding affects many toy breeds.
136 days ago · From admin
Research has shown that dogs agility is affected by right/left brain theory.
136 days ago · From admin
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Jul 27, 2014 11:12 PM
Presa Canario
Jul 27, 2014 11:12 PM
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Shagi's profile will be updated soon. However you can see her pedigree.
Female, 11 year old
Feb 15, 2013 · Owned by admin
His name is Caesar.  Though officially the title of this profile is what shows on his pedigree. Caes…
Male, 14 year old
Feb 15, 2013 · Owned by admin
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bslnews.org — Quite possibly the best site for news on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). Well written and researched. Excellent resource.
579 days ago · 0 comments · From admin
kennelclubusa.com — Kennel Club USA is a sister organization of The American Rare Breed Association. The American Rare Breed Association has been in existence since 1991.It's primary mission is to protect the pure-bred "Rare Breed dog". The mission also included recognition by the American Kennel Club of our recognized…
579 days ago · 0 comments · From admin
dognews.com — Dog News from the magazine of the same name.
593 days ago · 0 comments · From admin
My Articles
Canine parvovirus is an acute, highly contagious disease of dogs that was first described in the early 1970s
78 days ago · From admin
Vitamin C - Cures Hip Dysplasia By Larry Mueller, Hunting Dogs Editor, Outdoor Life.
Main  Genetics
203 days ago · From admin
Created by crossing the American Bulldog with the Rafeiro de Alentejo, and then introducing carefuly selected AmStaff blood.
204 days ago · From admin
The native dogs of Phu Quoc Island excel at digging holes
Main  Articles
207 days ago · From admin
Operations: Two Viable Options-Modern technology and an old standby method are analyzed as CHD treatments
219 days ago · From admin
Surgery may be recommended for suitable candidates, taking into account expected activity level, longevity and use and value of the dog.
219 days ago · From admin
Treatment of this disease must be tailored specifically to the needs of your pet, whether using conventional or alternative medicine
219 days ago · From admin
An evaluation method is needed that is not only diagnostic but which can predict the probability of canine hip dysplasia.
219 days ago · From admin
The Role of Orthopedic Registries in Fighting Canine Hip Dysplasia; Registries, although essential in documenting CHD, have not been used to their full potential
219 days ago · From admin
The authors assess the pros and cons of standard diagnostic methods for hip dysplasia By John C. Cargill, MA MBA, MS and Susan Thorpe-Vargas, MS
219 days ago · From admin