Does you dog pull you when you go for walks? Do you have a dog that does listen or obey?

We all have experienced dogs walking you instead you you walking the dog. We all know what it is like to call your dog and the dog does not come. Maybe you just brought home the cute and adorable pup for the first time. Now it is time to get you dog properly socialized and trained. A trained dog is a happy and safe dog. A dog that behaves well and listens to commands is a better dog and companion, and safer. Often, lack of time, skills and knowledge make it impossible to train your hunting dog properly on your own.

Seeking all dog lovers interesting modifying their canine behavior. My training program is for puppies 9 weeks of age to any stage of adult hood. No dog is too old to learn a new trick. You and your dog will appreciate the line of communication that dog training establishes.

For more information on:

Puppy Basic Obedience

Adult Basic Obedience

Off-leash Obedience

Personal Protection

Contact us and we can help!

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    It is great to see you post an ad about your services. Too often dog trainers go unappreciated for their work and the dedication needed to be really good at it. Best wishes.
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