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Dog In Back of Truck II

I recently posted a blog about a dog in the back of a truck, and I found this other photo I had taken of another dog riding down the highway in another truck this time without a tailgate.  We were going in the same direction so I was able to observe the dog and he seems to be enjoying the ride and staying away from the open tailgate.  Most of these trucks and dogs live on a farm or ranch and they are usually quite large in Texas.  So putting the dog in the back of the truck to drive a few miles across a ranch is not a big deal.  Happens all the time.  So, I can see the ease of making the transition to the open highways where speeds exceed 75 mph.

I have seen many dead dogs on the side of our highways and wondered how they got there... Now I know.

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  •  guard_dog: 

    On a chain in the back is no good either. With just a little slack they can either jump or get tossed outside of the truck when hitting a bump. They need to either be inside the vehicle or crated.

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  •  TexomaMorganLady: 

    Even with a tailgate, a friend saw one bounce out when the driver hit a bump at high speed.  It's stupid and negligent, all it takes is to fasten the dog to a short chain in the back of the truck when on the highway, then the dog is safer, and other drivers too.

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  •  eliteguardianpresa: 

    No tailgate?  That's an accident waiting to happen. 

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