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This week we had a former member who posted some very nice photos of Central Asians and Kangals.  He had a very nice breeding program going and we were enjoying his photos.  When he posted some videos of dogs "testing" / fighting I deleted them and told him not to post them anymore.  I had to delete them three times.  I guess he got upset and deleted his account. Alashir has left the site.

Anyway, we do not support or promote dog-fighting on this website so maybe it is for the better that the member chose to delete his account.

gsicard 28.02.2015 9 1928
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  •  desiree: 
    Deborah, i dont understand it because normaly they protect the pack as a group. One dog isnt enough to protect a whole flock.
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  •  realname: 
    Unfortunately, the are many stupid idiots!
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  •  gsicard: 
    I found one of the topics that may be of interest regarding "Testing".
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  •  gsicard: 
    Thank you for your support. We continue our best efforts to keep the site free from objectionable material/video/photo etc. It is sometimes a difficult challenge to balance information that may be useful against our rules of not promoting fighting or cruelty. We did have a long discussion in the forum some years ago regarding the testing of dogs in some cultures and what is acceptable in modern society. I'll see if I can find it and link it here.
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  •  cynology: 
    I admire you. The idiots must have no place in this website.
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28.02.2015 (1579 days ago)
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