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Mastini Mayhem

Over the past few months I helped one of our members rebuild her Neapolitan Mastiff website using WordPress. I must say that I am quite proud of how the website turned out.  It is now mobile friendly and very pleasing to browse and find information.  Please have a look and post a comment here if you have any suggestions. Visit


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    The colors (black and gray) fits very well with the Neapolitan Mastiff!
    I like it !

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    Okay, I have had some time to visit the site. It looks good. There are a couple things that I would change. I was taught that on websites you should have your contact information on every page even if you have a contact link. You want you visitors to always have your contact info in front of them. The other thing is the link to It takes the visitors ways from her site. I would make that in internal link so that they are still connected to my website or make it an external link that opens in a new tab or window. That way my website is still up on the users computer. many people that visit websites are lazy and aren't web savvy. They don't know how to go back to a previous page. They won't read to see that they have a back arrow.


    I am also willing to put a link to their site on my website if they are willing to put a link to my site on their site. having sites that link back to your page will help to increase you ranking and google and get you closer to the first page on google.


    Overall like the website!

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  •  eliteguardianpresa: 

    First I want to say that is awesome. You don't find people too often that will help others.  I will look at the site later when I get in front of a computer.  I know it's mobile friendly, but I prefer to navigate websites, etc on a computer. 

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