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I have seen the popularity and visits to many websites drop significantly. Theree was a belief that over time we would see static webcontent give way to smaller communities centered around particular interests where smaller groups of individual have commom interests.

Sites like Facebook, pInterest, twitter, and new offerings from the big 3 (google, microsoft, Yahoo) mak it very difficult for smaller sites to popular again.

It was partly that reason why i changed the format of MD to a community site to give members a site with features similar to fb but more community centric. Only the future will tell how we progress but i will keep running as long as i am able.

gsicard 24.03.2013 5 4548
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  •  LeeRobinson: 

    I am 100% confident that the problem with this site is not competition with facebook, but is instead an over abundance of links...making the website way too complicated to use. It needs serious stream lining in my opinion. The complexity of the site is simply put just not user friendly. This is why facebook is successful. It is easy to use. Facebook sucks IMO in comparison to what can be done on websites such as these...but these types of sites need to be as user friendly as Facebook is if they want to compete. I have a tiny website, and it has nearly 200 members with posts being made a few times a week. If I can do that, then this site should be 10 times what my sight is as it includes so many breeds. Well...that is my opinion...and I only share it because I consider GSICard a friend.

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  •  lgdnevada: 

    Let me tell you what I do NOT like about Facebook groups and 'forums' for dogs - the posts get buried and nothing is static.  There is a plus to sites like this because one may go back and find the topic/posts one wants to read or study.  On FB, everything gets shoved off the page into oblivion.  I also personally note there is a lack of quality posts on many FB groups (in my case, Livestock Guardian Dog subjects) - you have flyby posters, people in there only to hype a litter then they disappear.  We notice same thing on our LGD forum but I kick out the flakes and fly by posters, we insist people participate or guess what...clean house, kick them out, delete their posts.....yup...hard nosed and ugly.  Why join if a person is only going to read and refuses to participate.  People are such trolls Gsicard, damn, they are spineless anymore lol don't get me started!

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