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Nutrition affecting Behavior

For all the behaviorists out there. We know how nutrition effects the performance of a sport or working dog in energy, strength and stamina, but does it have an effect on behavior? Like children become unruly or hyper eating too much sugar or sluggish with too much junk food. The human brain needs a teaspoon of sugar to function, what about dogs? Dogs burn fat for energy and we burn carbs. for energy. The Tryptophan in Turkey makes us tired and sleepy, how does it effect dogs?

If you have experience, facts or opinions on behaviors linked to a certain food or food group please share. Some may be linked to a particular breed, if so please specify.

For instance as noted in James O'heare's "The Canine Aggression Workbook 2nd ed." Protein plays a role in aggression. It was found that by reducing the protein level or providing a better one with tryptophan, levels of aggression had been reduced. A poor diet of kibble made up largely of corn as a protein, in many cases decreased the level of serotonin in the brain and is unusually low in tryptophan.
In my experience I believe this has merit.

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