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CH. AKCM Aurelius has been bred to EGP PR' Princessa De Mercedes and to URO1 CH. AKCM Grace. The litters are confirmed and due in Feb.   EGP PR' Princessa De Mercedes    URO1 CH. AKCM Grace, CGC  
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There are those that believe that everyone should not use any aversive when training a dog or doing behavioral modification.  They believe operant and classical condition is the only way to go. Other
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There were a group of instructors actively encourage handlers to use half check collars with their dogs..seemingly whether they 'need' one or not (a very young lab puppy was given one, and her handler
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It is summer and time for your dog to dive into your swimming pool or a sparkling lake, or playfully bite at the water jetting from your lawn sprinklers or garden hose but are you aware of water intox
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For all the behaviorists out there. We know how nutrition effects the performance of a sport or working dog in energy, strength and stamina, but does it have an effect on behavior? Like children becom
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Are Ice Cubes and Ice Water Dangerous for Dogs? Are Ice Cubes and Ice Water Dangerous for Dogs? An old Internet rumor resurfaces and has dog owners wondering: Is ice bad for dogs? As we’re about to
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Science Diet’s “The Truth About Pet Food Ingredients” June 14, 2011 The Science Diet website now has a page titled “The Truth About Pet Food Ingredients Pet Food Myths Answered with Facts”.  Here’s
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Beware! Plants Poisonous to Dogs Know which plants and foods are no-nos for your dog. By DC Editors | Posted: Mar 19, 2013, 3 p.m. EDT People are often surprised to learn that there are actually hu
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Pig: One Dog Story of Beating the Odds Posted by Elite Guardian Presa on June 7, 2014 at 10:35pm Anyone seeing Pig for the first time knows they are not looking at a typical, every-day canine.  She
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