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The way we interact with websites is largely in part due to contents and the theme (skin, template) that presents the data to us.  So in our continued effort to make more user friendl
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This week we had a former member who posted some very nice photos of Central Asians and Kangals.  He had a very nice breeding program going and we were enjoying his photos.  When he posted some videos
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The server where Molosserdogs reside will undergo 1 hour of maintenance on February 24th from 1 AM to 2 AM Central Standard Time (GMT -7). During the past couple of weeks the server that hosts your a
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I was made aware that the Facebook connect login was not working.  I wanted to let you know that it is now fixed and you can login using the facebook connect button on the login dialog box. This will
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I have seen the popularity and visits to many websites drop significantly. Theree was a belief that over time we would see static webcontent give way to smaller communities centered around particular
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Members, sometime today our server fried its motherboard and went off line. The hosting company not only replaced the motherboard but put in a more powerful one.  Now that is what I lo
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This my blog where I will poste random and pertinent thoughts and observation regarding dogs and life in general.  Please ensure you comment on my blogs so I actually know someone is reading it.  It might help me to write more.

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