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In this article Caen Elegans graphically depicts the differences in several breeds. The changes cover 100 years and shows the departure from the functional breed to the breeds of today.  If you think
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The ASPCA states that, “while there is no evidence that breed-specific legislation is effective, there is significant evidence that well-enforced, breed-neutral laws are. Cities that have enacted BSL
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I have seen the popularity and visits to many websites drop significantly. Theree was a belief that over time we would see static webcontent give way to smaller communities centered around particular
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Nayan whelped 1 November 2012 at Ruski Izvor kennel in Serbia arrived in Texas, USA from Belgradge, Serbia on 3 Feb 2013. Nayan is a pup of solid temperament and unique beauty and structure. It will b
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Today, while at the vet clinic in my little town, I met a guy who brought in a breeding pair of American Bully dogs for health screening. This is the first time I have seen the American Bully up close
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This article was written by Zandra Anderson, a lawyer in San Antonio, TX who specializes in pet law. The entire article is quoted below "It appears that a proposed vicious dog law in San Antonio coul
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I was sitting under the shelter at Freidrich Park in San Antonio this morning when I heard two men and a lady talking about their dogs. The dogs in the story were American Pit Bull Terriers.  It was
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Someone posted this on Youtube as their picks for the top 10 best guard dogs in the world.  I agree with most of the selections though I would have liked to see the Central Asian Ovcharka there also.
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In the USA any dog breed that is not registered by the American Kennel Club is considered rare.  In the last few years some of my favorite breeds have made it into the AKC and some even appeared on We
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This my blog where I will poste random and pertinent thoughts and observation regarding dogs and life in general.  Please ensure you comment on my blogs so I actually know someone is reading it.  It might help me to write more.

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