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Over the past few months I helped one of our members rebuild her Neapolitan Mastiff website using WordPress. I must say that I am quite proud of how the website turned out.  It is now mobile friendly
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Apple and Samsung are the two top competitors in the mobile devices market as of this writing. Samsung is fast growing and in many respects has already surpassed apple.  There is a great article on Li
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I have seen the popularity and visits to many websites drop significantly. Theree was a belief that over time we would see static webcontent give way to smaller communities centered around particular
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We’re wired to be social creatures, and sites like Twitter and Facebook have capitalized on this to great success. According to its COO Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook draws 175 million logins every day. B
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Photography is a twofold pursuit, as it is an art form and a hobby. Read the tips in this article so that your pictures can improve and start to really look amazing. As you can see, there are some sim
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Admins, if you ever see a profile whith this description or headline please delet it immediately. "Hi my name is "name". Hope to make a few good friends. I live in Redvale. I love this site. I am in
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This my blog where I will poste random and pertinent thoughts and observation regarding dogs and life in general.  Please ensure you comment on my blogs so I actually know someone is reading it.  It might help me to write more.

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