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Hello James, Thank you for reviving this topic. It is good to see back on the site and sharing your thoughts. That is a very informative post.  Since we moved to Texas 8 years ago, we have fed a completely raw diet but now we found Taste of the Wild kibble and have been putting some in the dog's food.  It is expensive but not as expensive as a totally raw diet.  Our dogs have no issues that can be seen so far and they are doing well. With the understanding that there is no "best dog food,
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I'm sorry that I resurrect the old topic, but it's just that I myself once encountered this issue, and spent a lot of time to find really useful information, I don't believe there is such a thing as "the best food" for any dog.i would suggest you do your research and then pick a food you feel comfortable with, that is easily available and within your price range. You want to find a food that has no corn, soy, or wheat in i
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All true and thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is a tricky one. From conformation prospective this puppy's type also seems to deviating a lot from the mainstream CAS; lighter in bone; smaller head; not as powerful neck and narrow chest. We love her; my wife and son resisting letting her go; she has a very nice personality; but we are not really after a pet companion.
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This is a 10 month old pup. There is still time for the pup to display his/her guarding instincts. As stated dogs develop or mature differently. While it may be typical of certain breeds to begin displaying their guarding instincts by a certain age this is not going to be true for every dog. Some dogs mature more slowly. Some begain to display it early.   Just because a couple of dogs on the other side were great guardian does not automatically mean that all of its offspring will be great
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That is completely up to you, each dog is different and will mature differently. Not all are as defensive and the other, but at this time it would be much easier to place her into a nice home than waiting till she is even older...
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I am so happy that you are seeing great progress in his paws condition. THAT is awesome news.... now if we could only figure out which one or combination did the trick? :) Please let us know how the CS works. Our dogs live outside and on extremely hot days they go into the garage where it is airconditioned. It is very dry in Texas and our dogs don't seem to have any ailments so far. They do have a lot of space to run and their foot pads are very thick and resilient. Could it be that you n
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Guys/Gals; my puppy is now 10 and half months old; last night I left the gate open so that an old friend visiting would just drive in when he arrives; I put the puppy in the car port, which is an enclosure under the house roof, fenced by swimming pool fence i.e. not brick walls and she can see what is happening outside; the car port is about 35m from the property gate; When my friend arrived and drove in, there wasn't even a bark from the puppy to alert us; and again she was happy and excit
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Thats interesting Gary, after that read I dont think I will try it. I did speak with my vet about colloidal silver as mentioned and he suggested trying that as well so I am definitely going to be giving that a try as well. I have been doing daily foot soaks in water and vinegar and he is actually doing better. I still have him on apoquel as well. As mentioned previously the goal should be to keep his feet clean and dry, besides the water and vinegar foot soaks, I have a antibiotic cream and spray
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I have heard the commercials for dinovite on Sirius XM radio many times. Have no experience with it though. Checkout this review.  
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thanks for all the replies guys. I am considering trying the coloidal silver, but am also a bit scared about the things I have read about it. Although it seems all the bad things that can happen from it, are from injesting it. I would think soaking his feet or maybe even bathing him with it might be a good idea?   given that he has been on and off antibiotics for so long, im sure his immune system is weakened, also his labs show that the bacteria is resistant to many types of antibitics.
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Yes i have and he is two hands full ))))
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It appears that you are on the right track with your breed selection.  Couple things. The CO may be too much dog if you don't have a big property and want to introduce new dogs to your place whenever you want. Kangal - is only DA to dogs that challenge its authority. Remember they have other dogs on the job while working. GSD & Mal - good dogs but for property protection you want something that is a deterrent just by it size and presence and still can engage. You did n
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I really dont know the extent of the kangals DA. From what I can gather, its supposed to be very DA yet in this video, the kangals dont seem to be very DA at all. Just a bunch of barking. My current dog would have gotten into a fight instantly in this same scenario.
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hi guys, so im looking to get another dog in a a couple of years and wanted to just talk about it and get some breed suggestions. The dog I want to get will be used for property guarding. Now dont let this statement upset anyone as im going to be as I already am, a responsible owner with my dog. I want a dog that WILL bite, for those that know me and my personal situation. I can almost guarantee that my next dog will encounter an intruder and when he does, I need the dog to respond accordingly. I want a
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all my dogs are getting old. I have 2 males and a spayed female. Im open to breeding my male to a bitch. i can show you the parents to my male.  sire x dam   =
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i remember this guy being associated with lee somehow?    
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chimera kennels lee robinson is a very smart dude with a college education in I forget what exaclty, but it relates to dog breeding, maybe animal sciences or something.......anyways, he has been breeding for a very long time and makes great dogs but they are a bit expensive.    I am located in socal in the inland empire i think your from LA area right?
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yes i remember you posting many pictures of you taking your dog hiking all the time i believe.   chimera kennels is where you want to go if your looking for a working bandogge.    
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hi guys thanks for your interest, i should take some pictures of his feet to show you just how bad it is. Its been an ongoing problem for 3 years. Antibiotics are the only thing that stops it, not his allergy medicine appoquel, appoquel does help but doesnt stop it. Once his antibiotics are finished, it comes right back. Hes a indoor dog 90% of the time. it all started 3 years ago when i started brining him and my other dog inside, when i brougth both of them inside, i tried to turn one of my outdoor dog
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Sent you my friend's email address; don't know anything about Tashkent.
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