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Do female dogs have a different style of guarding first: Polishtatra 10.01.2015last: Anthony26 23.03.2017Do female dogs have a different style or aproach to guarding Then male dogs ? or does this depend more on the individu...


2 questions first: Winston318 03.11.2016last: Winston318 09.11.2016I'm new to larger breed dogs, less than 2 years. From reading different articles I'm thinking that my male is an American Cor...
Food Guarding (Raw)first: knoave 24.10.2015last: admin 10.07.2016Hello!! I've written a few newbie forums about my caucasian ovcharka puppy and he has grown into a handsome young adul...


Caucasian ovcharka/volkafirst: mss 18.12.2014last: mss 18.12.2014Hi to everyone i have enjoyed reading many articles on this forum its great. I have a question that i would like to as...
OUT AND ABOUT WITH THE PACKfirst: farrugia 06.07.2013last: farrugia 11.07.2013
DOG FOODfirst: cawkazn 26.05.2013last: cawkazn 28.05.2013Can someone shoot me in the right direction to buy some decent dog food in bulk for cheap? I was getting 6 bags of diamond fr...
e-collarfirst: desiree 28.07.2012last: desiree 22.04.2013Hi,   I am Desiree and own a co. I am using the e-collar when my co is off leash on the beach or parc. works ...
REALLY need help/advice.first: ACamp 25.03.2013last: ACamp 16.04.2013I have a strange and, it appears UNIQUE situation. My boy is almost 3 years old and he's done VERY WELL in PP training but he...
Friend in needfirst: NickD 24.01.2013last: NickD 30.01.2013I have a friend in 
pool/pond for dogsfirst: cawkazn 12.07.2012last: NickD 27.08.2012I was thinking it would be cool to make a pond/pool type thing for my dogs. then i came across this, would be awesome to make...
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