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Bernese Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog play fightingfirst: Anonymous 28.08.2006last: Anonymous 28.06.2011This is a 10 weeks old Bernese Mountain Dog male puppy and an adult Hovawart female. Their fighting play is captured on the foll...
BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOGfirst: Anonymous 17.03.2008last: Anonymous 30.04.2008HERE IS BERNESE DOG WITH A PHOTO... BERNESE: ...
Bernese Mountain Dog retrieving over barriersfirst: Anonymous 28.08.2006last: admin 08.01.2007This breed can be very movable (if trained well, of course :wink: ):
Bernese Mountain Dog bite workfirst: Anonymous 28.08.2006last: admin 28.08.2006The Bernese Mountain Dog can be a good man biter too. :D If trained well, this breed can also be a good defender of its owner...