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Small collection of books and videosfirst: VolkodavKO 24.06.2015last: gsicard 02.07.2015Several dog training books and videos in English and Russian languages. The main subject is protection work:
bullies are unathleticfirst: cawkazn 05.08.2012last: gsicard 22.06.2015bullies are unathletic!!    
The Mastiffs-The Big Game Huntersfirst: Anonymous 09.03.2008last: Gary_Sicard 07.12.2014Could someone please tell me how much this book costs?Also my bookshop can't find it in their computer,I believe Col.Hancock sel...


Home-prepared dog and cat diets by Patricia A. Schenckfirst: trba 10.08.2010last: gsicard 20.02.2012
[poll] Modern Molosser Magazinefirst: admin 28.12.2011last: paw-paw 20.02.2012MD members, In the last few weeks I spent a lot of time reading through the last 6 issues of [url=]Mod...
Have you read a great dog book lately?first: gsicard 23.08.2011last: Crnosrce1 24.08.2011Ok, this thread will probably just sit here and not even get a reply. What with all the internet stuff, facebook, twitter, and s...
New magazine about LGDsfirst: Hugo 16.12.2010last: CincoDeseosRanch 29.06.2011There is a new magazine in English about CAOs, COs and other LGDs. The editor-in-cheif is Rokzana Kawasnicka a Polish CAO breede...
Structure in Action: The Makings of a Durable Dogfirst: Igmuska 15.03.2011last: babigirl 14.04.2011By Pat Hastings, Wendy E Wallace DVM, and Erin Rouse This is a simple and excellently written book of the study of conformati...
Dog Behaviour Booksfirst: Anonymous 17.09.2006last: Igmuska 02.02.2011Does anybody know any really good recommendations for books on dog behaviour? Thanks!
French Ring Books?first: Anonymous 10.01.2009last: Igmuska 02.02.2011I am very interested in French Ring Sport. Does anybody know any good books(or DVDs) that you would recommend for training?
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