Cane Corso
Attack in Metamora Township, damgerous breed ..etcfirst: Kretka3 31.07.2014last: Kretka3 07.08.2014Few days ago 2 CC were involved in deadly mauling of a jogger, near by the farm they belong to as a pets.Obviously dogs going...
so i got a cane corso... - part 2first: Autopilot 30.01.2014last: 1234 30.01.2014← so i got a...


so i got a cane corso...first: Seb_UK 24.06.2010last: Autopilot 30.01.2014hes a beauty of a dog, never had 1 like him, hes 8 months old, hed jus turned 7 months when these outside pctures were taken. i ...
Cane Corso - why not?first: Kretka3 28.08.2013last: Kretka3 28.08.2013[...]  Hi there again. I am back after a while with new reflections and I hope that it may be useful for those,...
A little bit for those, who doesn't know.....first: Kretka3 28.06.2013last: Kretka3 03.07.2013Hi there. I am the dogs lover all my life, and a Cane Corso lover for over 8 years. I would like to share a l...
Sad day first: NickD 27.08.2012last: Ragdog 08.09.2012It is with a heavy heart,I am sad to say my good boy Rocky has passed. Only 4years and 42 days old he went this evening peace...
Santo de Los Reyesfirst: Anonymous 24.01.2012last: Charlotte 24.01.2012New here just introducing my 2 year old Cane Corso Santo
Hunting with your Cane Corsofirst: Anonymous 31.10.2008last: Anonymous 11.01.2012I would like to know, if perhaps someone here on Molosserdogs has experiences with their CC at hunting (present or past), it wou...
Evolutions Dinofirst: Anonymous 29.05.2010last: gsicard 04.01.2012Dino will be 2 on June 19th...some random shots I caught recently
My Cane Corso @ 19 Monthsfirst: Anonymous 09.10.2011last: Anonymous 09.10.2011
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