Central Asian Ovcharka
CAO Puppy Assessment - part 2first: Autopilot 25.09.2018last: Tzar 25.09.2018
CAO Puppy Assessmentfirst: Tzar 13.03.2018last: Autopilot 25.09.2018 
central asian shepherd alabai,Michiganfirst: Ekaterina 29.05.2017last: Tzar 15.03.2018Hello! I own central asians from 1994,when i move to USa(im russian) i mised these breed alot.once we move to bigger property...
Central Asian Dogs from Balkansfirst: mardus 02.07.2012last: molosserdogs 22.02.2018Hello everyone, I am young CAO breeder from Balkan. I have 12 adult dogs, some of them are imoprted from Russia, Bulgaria, ...
Strains of CAOfirst: Tzar 26.12.2017last: Tzar 01.01.2018Hi there I am have just joined molosserdog.com - Not really sure where to start. I am still devastated as I lost my CA...
How it really is about native CAOsfirst: Anonymous 25.08.2010last: Tzar 28.12.2017Central Asian Ovcharka is a breed that, as its name says, is from the Central or Middle Asia. This breed is very interesting ...
My new boyfirst: Hugo 03.06.2016last: Tzar 26.12.2017This is Zar, my new boy:  
Looking for a great Central Asian Puppyfirst: gsicard 28.12.2013last: Ruud 29.12.2013If you are considering a Central Asian Shepherd for your home please check out 
Sage Koocheefirst: gsicard 19.04.2013last: koocheedogs 24.04.2013I often wonder what the difference is between the Sage Koochee and the Central Asian Ovcharka (known by many other names). I ...


Aboriginal Working Alabai (self protection)first: Moin 24.11.2010last: mardus 02.07.2012Dear fella`s,,,, i got a gift of a two month old aboriginal working line Alabai male pup 8 months ago by an Ubek family friend ...
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