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Doberman Pinscher
Doberman forum? first: KeyserSoze 07.02.2012last: Anonymous 18.01.2013Wasn't that a type of Bandog when Louis Doberman crossed terriers(pinschers) with Molossers and hounds? I just found this ...


Stone Age Dogs and Menfirst: Castanha 03.10.2012last: mastini-mayhem 06.10.2012Sometimes, I wonder how men used to communicate with their dogs during the stone age days? I like to think that their were ve...


In a Fix...first: Violet_Gamma 02.10.2012last: Tonedog 06.10.2012I adopted a 5 yr. old Doberman Pinscher 2+ months ago. She was abandoned at the boarding kennel where I worked. The previous ...
Weak Bites Weak Nervesfirst: tiger12490 10.02.2012last: nkuhlwind 03.08.2012From what Ive been told these have both been shown in very high percentages of Dobies does anyone have any personal experience?


What do you feed your ddb?first: bella12 02.10.2008last: Anonymous 08.09.2009At the time I feed my neoXcc mix eaglepack holistic select adult large breed dog food> In december will be bringing a ddb pup in...