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Dog Legislation
Changes to the Dangerous Dog Act in the UKfirst: eliteguardianpresa 30.06.2014last: gsicard 01.06.2015 **IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL UK DOG OWNERS** Changes to the Dangero...
traveling to another country with your "pitbull"first: cawkazn 16.12.2012last: cawkazn 02.01.2013i have been looking into the possibility of moving to another country....and of course would want to bring my dogs...well tha...
Police dog too much risk for insurance companyfirst: tracer 25.10.2012last: Carlos1122 28.10.2012well isn't THIS disturbing!??! it makes no sense to drop someone because they have  TRAINED dog!!!
Breed-specific legislation researchfirst: tamarind 17.10.2012last: tamarind 17.10.2012I have not seen much evidence used in the debate about breed-specific legislation, most of what I have seen has been opinion ...
Here come the feds!first: tracer 10.07.2012last: admin 20.07.2012Now that the NC General Assembly has adjo...
Proposed USDA Regulation Changesfirst: mastini-mayhem 16.07.2012last: mastini-mayhem 17.07.2012Take a look at
Cat Killer Vet Drops a Dime - OMFreakingG!!!!first: tracer 10.07.2012last: tracer 10.07.2012HOLY CRAP! I just read this article and 'bout lost my MIND! HSUS is SOOO freakin evil -- and the fact that somehow animals ar...