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black russian terrierfirst: aliheydari 22.12.2015last: Peepers 14.03.2016hi , is black russian terrier a working breed comparable to german shepherds ? 
64,000 Molosser Photos?first: gsicard 25.06.2015last: Gary_Sicard 29.06.2015So where can you find over 64,000 photos of the Molossers? Many of our long standing members are aware...
Moxie Media Manager - Easy Media Managementfirst: gsicard 04.06.2015last: gsicard 04.06.2015One of the most frustrating thing about adding photos or media to a forum post or blog is that the media manager was clumsy a...
Winter Dog Walkimgfirst: eliteguardianpresa 10.01.2015last: eliteguardianpresa 10.01.2015 Not everyone always embraces winter, especially those who live in a region with cold, snowy winters. Your pup might n...
Photo Contestfirst: Gary_Sicard 09.12.2014last: Gary_Sicard 09.12.2014There is a new photo contest for the winter at this link C...
Profile Coverfirst: gsicard 10.06.2014last: gsicard 10.06.2014I added an option for you to put a cover image on your profiles.  Have a look at mine and see how you can make your page more...
When Home Alone Causes Problemsfirst: eliteguardianpresa 01.06.2014last: desiree 07.06.2014 When Home Alone Causes Problems
How do you delete my account on here first: Anonymous 06.04.2014last: admin 06.04.2014Ashlee, that is easy. Click on the link to "Account" and then click ...
Photo Editorfirst: admin 23.02.2014last: gsicard 06.03.2014So what happens if you uploaded a photo and found out it needs to be rotated or it does not look as good as you like.  You co...
Photo Battle - Challengefirst: gsicard 05.01.2014last: Ruud 06.01.2014Members, After seeing some of the very high quality photos uploaded by some of our members I am thinking about adding...
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