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Food costs per monthfirst: guard_dog 14.07.2018last: admin 10.03.2019I wanted to get an idea of how many dogs people own and how much they are spending on dog food. I'll start. How many d...
Should My Pet Be Eating A Raw Meat Diet?first: admin 05.02.2018last: admin 05.02.2018This is a wonderful article by Dr. Ron Hines where go takes a deep dive into feeding and nutrition.  Enjoy reading it.
Kibblefirst: Anonymous 09.10.2008last: molosser 09.11.2017I have twin babies on the way and am looking to save some money. I am currently feeding Solid Gold Barking at the moon. It is ...
Home flea remedies and breeding questionsfirst: Joshuahodges 07.10.2017last: eliteguardianpresa 07.10.2017I actually have 3 dogs and 2 cats, living in rural Kansas in a wooded area we have crazy fleas! We are a little tight in our ...
dog food info first: Ashlee_Freed 06.11.2015last: Ashlee 12.07.2017hi I have not been on here for while but want to know what the best protein for a Caucasian mountain...
bully max supplement first: Joshuahodges 06.08.2016last: guard_dog 09.08.2016I recently purchased some bully max supplements for the dogs. We don't have the means to afford feeding our dogs a raw diet o...
Dry vs Raw? What dog food do you feed?first: 1234 02.04.2014last: gsicard 21.03.2016What are the real differences between raw and dry? Is there any food you can recommend to my new CAO puppy?


Cataract surgeryfirst: Fenrisulven 01.01.2016last: eliteguardianpresa 17.01.2016  One of my dogs a 13 month old CAO have a aggressiv form of cataract on both eyes. He have lost almost all of his vis...
An Easy Guide to Reduce Dog Sheddingfirst: Healthy_Budz 20.10.2015last: Healthy_Budz 15.01.2016
Recall Alert: Bravo Chicken Blend for Dogs and Catfirst: eliteguardianpresa 15.12.2015last: eliteguardianpresa 15.12.2015Bravo Pet Foods has issued a voluntary recall of select lots of its Bravo Chicken Blend diet for dogs and cats after routine ...
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