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dog food info first: Ashlee_Freed 06.11.2015last: Ashlee 12.07.2017hi I have not been on here for while but want to know what the best protein for a Caucasian mountain...
bully max supplement first: Joshuahodges 06.08.2016last: guard_dog 09.08.2016I recently purchased some bully max supplements for the dogs. We don't have the means to afford feeding our dogs a raw diet o...
Dry vs Raw? What dog food do you feed?first: 1234 02.04.2014last: gsicard 21.03.2016What are the real differences between raw and dry? Is there any food you can recommend to my new CAO puppy?


Cataract surgeryfirst: Fenrisulven 01.01.2016last: eliteguardianpresa 17.01.2016  One of my dogs a 13 month old CAO have a aggressiv form of cataract on both eyes. He have lost almost all of his vis...
An Easy Guide to Reduce Dog Sheddingfirst: Healthy_Budz 20.10.2015last: Healthy_Budz 15.01.2016
Recall Alert: Bravo Chicken Blend for Dogs and Catfirst: eliteguardianpresa 15.12.2015last: eliteguardianpresa 15.12.2015Bravo Pet Foods has issued a voluntary recall of select lots of its Bravo Chicken Blend diet for dogs and cats after routine ...
KEEP YOUR DOG HEALTHYfirst: Healthy_Budz 22.05.2015last: Healthy_Budz 01.06.2015I am happy to help dog owners raise happy, healthy dogs. They need a good companion and treat them like they're a part ...
Kibblefirst: Anonymous 09.10.2008last: Polishtatra 23.02.2015I have twin babies on the way and am looking to save some money. I am currently feeding Solid Gold Barking at the moon. It is ...
Dirty Secrets of Pet Food Industryfirst: admin 01.02.2015last: realname 01.02.2015I was going through some archives on my computer and found this article from Februar...
Corn in dog food? good or bad?first: Ruud 27.12.2014last: Gary_Sicard 29.12.2014Must be an old story, but I just read it, what’s your opinion on corn and the likes in dog food?
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