Lion d'Occitanie breedersfirst: Anonymous 17.03.2005last: Anonymous 01.03.2009Hi everybody out there Im new to this forum and to this breed of dog. I want to know if anybody out there knows anyone who br...
Guard Dogfirst: Anonymous 01.03.2004last: Anonymous 25.09.2007Does anyone have personal experience of Leonbergers as guard or watch dogs? Are they too soft? Thanks, Joedog
The "Original" Leonberger or a Marketing scam ...first: Anonymous 17.02.2004last: Anonymous 01.03.2007Intresting artticle on Lion d'Occitanie. Worth checking out ! http://www.leonbergerunion.com/index2.htm
Is Leonberger really Essig's child ?first: Anonymous 24.06.2003last: Ragdog 15.02.2007Is Leonberger really Essig's child or a unknown Alpine Dog brought to light by Essig ?