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Livestock Guardians and Predator Control


Temperament testingfirst: guard_dog 27.07.2016last: admin 29.07.2016Scroll down to the first video litter "E". What are your thoughts and ideas on the black and white alabai puppy that was give...


PP and LGD in Hot Climate.first: guard_dog 23.07.2016last: guard_dog 25.07.2016I will be moving to South Florida in approx. a year to a 10 to 30 acre property in a rural setting. My property will be fence...
LGD testing - tradition or stylefirst: Anonymous 17.08.2004last: gsicard 01.03.2015There is a thing in modern LGD world, called "testing", which in my opinion is worth discussion. Testing tournaments usually ...
How much excercising do alabai need? - part 2first: Autopilot 18.06.2014last: mastini-mayhem 27.06.2014
How much excercising do alabai need?first: Molosser123 22.12.2013last: Autopilot 18.06.2014Hello I fist want to introduce myself. I have been reading this forum for a while now. And I have been studeing lots of about...


What would be the best LGD for MY situation?first: paw-paw 28.02.2013last: Anonymous 06.02.2014Hi! I am not really active on this forum, although I have read many topics and have browsed through the many breeds li...
Collars asides from wolfcollars that protect?first: Molosser123 19.01.2014last: IvaNandNellY 23.01.2014What collars asides from wolfcollars protect a dogs neck well against predators like, stray dogs, coyotes, feral dogs?
Do LGD's realy do killing chases?first: Polishtatra 09.01.2014last: Polishtatra 10.01.2014Sombody wrote about the polish tatra that they would actively do a killing chase to kill a wolf. "Esteemed by shepherd...
Donkeys better livestock guards than LGD breeds - fact or opinion? first: Anonymous 13.11.2010last: gsicard 05.01.2014See question.
The use of LGD in the Rockymountains. first: Molosser123 02.01.2014last: Molosser123 03.01.2014I thought this article was interesting. It talks about lgd and how to make them more effective in the rocky mountains and how...
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