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Pic of Bandog? Pit Bull and CAO?first: AlapahaBlueBloodBulldog 30.09.2013last: AlapahaBlueBloodBulldog 30.09.2013Anyone know of anyone that mixes these dogs? I'd like to know their personality, temperament and guarding abilities.
Great Bernesefirst: kennyo 05.11.2009last: desiree 06.08.2012Hi all, is anyone familiar or heard of what is being called a Great Bernese? They are half Berner and half Pyrenees and are abs...


Dobe De Bordeauxfirst: boomslang 24.01.2006last: acamper 24.06.2011Today while at the local petco I met a lady walking a unique looking animal that looked like no purebred I'd ever seen. After a...
Anyone with information on an English Bulldog/Pitbull mix?first: Anonymous 18.06.2010last: babigirl 15.09.2010Hi, I'll be picking up our female EB/APBT mix next Saturday. We've had Pitbulls before but never an EB. Anyone on h...
Muscle Mastiff (DDB Mastiff cross)first: Anonymous 26.04.2010last: babigirl 27.04.2010This is Ben, my DDB Mastiff cross.[br][link={e_FILE}public/1272297572_18374_FT0_mobile_015.jpg][img:width=500&height=375]{e_FILE...
Rotty/Dobefirst: Ryan 09.01.2009last: Jrouble 03.11.2009Many years ago more than i would like to say I used to work in breeding kennels here in the uk which was allso a boarding kenn...
Lab Mixfirst: Anonymous 21.02.2009last: Anonymous 13.03.2009Just a family pet and not purchased for anything Zazu Labrador Retriever/Nova Scotia Duck Toller He look...
Rizlerfirst: Anonymous 22.09.2008last: bella12 03.10.2008Has anyone heard of this breed.?? Supposedly a Rottweiler cross but I cannot find any pics of them. Does anyone have one.?
Catahoula Bulldogfirst: Anonymous 24.02.2005last: Platz 30.09.2008Hi everybody, does anyone know a Catahoula bulldog Breeder link on the internet? I want to buy one, but i don't know where. S...
boxweilerfirst: Anonymous 30.06.2008last: Anonymous 12.09.2008hi dose anyone own one of these if so what can u tell me about them from personal experiance many thanks mo[size=18][/size]