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New Picfirst: Castanha 11.02.2015last: Castanha 11.02.2015It has been at least 3 years since I posted on this site, busy with my new born baby boy!  Anyway, here is my girl at 3 years...
Photo Contestsfirst: gsicard 08.06.2014last: gsicard 08.06.2014Hello members, As you enter our photo contests please observe the simple rules for the contest. it is usually written...
Help photos/videos first: desiree 12.05.2014last: gsicard 12.05.2014Ok i runn into some problems. When i want to add news i cant get the video in. Must i use the embed code or url/htm 
How to add videosfirst: admin 28.12.2012last: desiree 19.06.2013Video size must be less than 64MB. ...
For AndrewPfirst: admin 06.01.2013last: admin 06.01.2013Andrew, since I cannot attach files on boonex please see below. On a group that I created and photo uploads a...


HELP - Uploading Photosfirst: acamper 05.12.2012last: acamper 06.12.2012Didn't know WHERE to go with this so I went to the newbies section Gary. How do I upload photos?
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