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Rhodesian Ridgeback


While on the working RR & BB subject...first: Castanha 15.08.2012last: Carlos1122 17.08.2012... and their size, I attached pictures taken yesterday from my girl. She is 21 months old now, and she has not turned out to...


All Rhodesian Ridgebacks are too thin!first: boomslang 07.11.2006last: Carlos1122 15.08.2012When I was a kid there was a man who owned the local bicycle shop. This shop had inside of it one of the most imposing Ridgeb...
Are You A Rhodesian Ridgeback Owner???first: Anonymous 18.10.2007last: Anonymous 20.11.2007Apart from Bullmastiffs, Ridgebacks have got to be one of my favourite dogs. The colour, temperament, loyalty, stance. Sophie wa...