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Saint Bernard
My Saint is up for adoption..........first: Anonymous 11.07.2010last: Anonymous 22.10.2011It pains me to write this, but we have decided to give our Fiona up for adoption to a good family/home. We have 18 month old t...
short coated st. bernardsfirst: PUGNACES-BRITANNIAE-AK 24.01.2011last: PUGNACES-BRITANNIAE-AK 04.02.2011 this dog was posted as short coated st. be...
Am I the only one?first: Anonymous 10.01.2009last: Anonymous 11.01.2009Am I the only member of this board who owns a St.?
How is she progressing?first: Anonymous 09.01.2009last: Hugo 09.01.2009She is 16.5 months old, 27.5" to the shoulder, and 128lbs. She is slowly but surely getting over her fear aggressions towards m...
13 monthsfirst: Anonymous 02.11.2008last: NickD 02.11.2008Here is Fiona @ 13 months and 1 week. She was roughly 120lbs in these photos. Also in the pics is my 5.5 year old OEB, in a ra...
11 monthsfirst: Anonymous 12.07.2008last: redneksamurai 13.07.2008Here is Fiona @ 11 months. She is getting much better with new people. Though still shows aggression, mostly fear aggression t...
6 Months and 62lbs!first: Anonymous 17.02.2008last: crnosrce1 17.02.2008At this rate she should be 120+lbs at 1 year. How is she looking so far?
5 months today!first: Anonymous 19.01.2008last: Anonymous 19.01.2008Today is her birthday. she is now 5 months, and 50lbs!!! She is growing sooo fast. She is getting more and more loving and is...
Pics of the new pupfirst: Anonymous 25.11.2007last: Anonymous 10.01.2008Here she is. These were taken at 12 weeks. She is a smooth coat, with a monks cap! [URL=
Hickory Hollow Saints?first: Anonymous 14.11.2007last: Anonymous 08.01.2008Does anyone have any info on this kennel? We went there and are thinking of purchasing from them. Want to be sure they are a g...
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