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Training and Obedience
Breed or Train for a jobfirst: gsicard 08.12.2013last: gsicard 11.12.2013it is my opinion that the inherent instincts of the dog is far more important than the training of the dog. Training is used ...
Dog Behavior not just Trainingfirst: eliteguardianpresa 30.06.2014last: farrugia 18.07.2014I have been talking with people all over the world. One of the subjects that came up was autism in dogs. Some people have see...
Leash training CAO male pupfirst: 1234 26.05.2014last: 1234 28.05.2014I have been having problems lately leash training my CAO Kyhoon. He has a habit of stopping and just lying down. I tell him t...
What caucasin ovcharka owner told me first: Anonymous 08.02.2014last: Anonymous 08.02.2014We fed Nushi dry food mixed with Camned dog food tooNever feed a dog just dry food – it is harder on their teeth.   We also...


PP Trainingfirst: Castanha 06.02.2013last: cawkazn 14.02.2013  Took Laika for the first time yesterday to an in...
spayed dog as a guard dog?first: Anonymous 18.05.2010last: kozmicbluz1love 14.01.2013Was wondering can a dog that has been neutered still be an effective home guardian?
Does this look Cruel?first: farrugia 01.11.2012last: desiree 01.11.2012<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></if...
Its Me or the Dog?first: Anonymous 24.10.2008last: farrugia 01.07.2012Did you guys see the show w/ Victoria Stillwell here in the U.S.? She was helping a family that had a "neapolitan" mix they s...
gentle leaderfirst: Anonymous 29.08.2011last: Anonymous 05.09.2011I was wonder about experiences and opinions about a gentle leader?
GPS ecollarfirst: Anonymous 13.07.2011last: Anonymous 13.07.2011Found this collar, really thinking of getting it for my youngest Tosa female.
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