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All MolossersPost here if you do not see the breed listed below!
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AkitaDiscussions about the Akita, both the Japanese and American variants of the breed
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BoerboelSouth African Boerboel discussion
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Bully BreedsDiscussions about all bully types, both pure and mixed
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Cane CorsoDiscussions about the Cane Corso breed and varieties
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Caucasian OvcharkaThe Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Shepherd Dog) is one of the premiere guardian breeds specializing in livestock and property protection. This venerable breed is going through some changes now and some direction of future breeding and ownership is needed
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HuskiesSiberian, Alaskan, Greenland and all others
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Mixed BreedAll non standard, unregistered, hybrids, mutts and cocktails.
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