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Best food to feed a Fila puppy

Just recently got a Fila, and want to know what is the best food to feed them, besides BARF. Right now I am feeding Royal Canin Large and Medium breed formula. They love it. I know some of the Royal Canin was recalled but not what I am using. Some say use Pro Plan, but my other dogs are tired of eating that, that is why I changed to the RC. Any suggestions? Also what about Vitamin suppliments? What isa good Vitamin? Thanx
You are already feeding a good food. Canidae is also a very good food. If your dog is eating it and not having issues with it then you may consider rotation with other brands just to give variety. If RC is working for you, just stick with it. I would stay away from Nutro since my dogs had problems with it after they changed their formula. Suppliments - try Nupro All the best.
Thanx Gary. I am trying Nutro also. I had a coupon for a free bag so I am trying it. I use NUPRO with my adult dogs but not my puupies so I can use it on puppies under 6 months old?
Hun I really like Merrick, so far no recall and hopefully they will not have one. Here is there link so you can look into it. [url=]Merrick Dog food[/url] Also like Gary suggested Canidae is very good as well. I use to mix that one in with my dogs food as the second one. but do to me being allergic to something that is in it (made there hair break my arms into rashes) I stopped using it. here is there link [url=]Canidae Dog Food[/url] I know of a few other folks who use Wellness, there dogs seem to really like it and are having no problems. Here is there link: [url=]Wellness Dog Food[/url] I know I was using Blue Buffalo along with my Dogs Raw but when there Cat food was recalled I look at it as the whole company products would be affected so I remove myself from the situation. Wish you the best of luck in the foods you try or use. Deb
Filas are very unsophisticated dogs.They could eat any type of brend from the best food , like one you already using , or the cheapest one. The most important thing are split the food at least twice a day and give to him small portion to avoid intestine twist problem very frequently health problem in the breed.
Go to the site menu on the left hand side of this home page. click on "content" then on "Health and Nutrition" and then to the document "unwanted ingredients in dog food". You can use that as a guide to review labels on bags of kibble. Avoid kibbles that have more than ONE of those ingredients. A good rule of thumb is to not feed any dog food that you can buy in grocery stores or the pet superstores like Petsmart and Petco. The pet food recall has exposed many of the brands of dog food that were good foods 15 years ago but were bought out by the big food industry conglomerates that have cheapened up the ingredients in the food. The big bucks spent by these companies subsidizing the Veterinary colleges and veterinarians for using these foods and marketing to the unsuspecting public that these are still great foods is a travesty. Stick to the aftermarket boutique foods that you can only buy from independent pet stores. The pet superstores do not carry these types of foods. Merrick, Canidae, Wellness that others have recommended are three good foods. Throw the bag of Nutro away. It's not worth the price you didn't pay for it. NUPRO is not only safe for your puppy it is benefical for it as long as you use it every other day or so. Good luck
I believe Royal Canin was added to the recall might want to check. I've used Solid Gold's Wolf Cub (for large breed puppys). My for adults eat Timber Wolf's Black Forrest and Now O & M a few meals a week and BARF for most of the feedings. I recommend large breed pupopy chow only for the 1st 18mos. with some plain yogurt during teething. When I feed kibble I do add Pro-zyme to aide digestion. Check out the above link lots of info, I use chicken soup which is not the best but way better than the bad and is reasonably priced. I also supplement which real chicken
i use kasco and winners mix its a good food cheap but kasco is a more meat based food kasco is top of the line cheap food and canidia :wink:
I fed my Presa Nutro (old formula), then Blue Buffalo (pre recall) and then Canidae, on all of those he had dry flakey skin and eye goobies...I switched to a Raw diet at about 4 months old and never looked back. His skin, teeth, health are all amazing since.
I tell all my puppy people to avoid: anything by Purina, Nutro, Iams, Eukanuba, Royal Canin (basically just a European Purina) and a few others i can't remember now. Also avoid the very high end foods like the grain frees, as usually they are loaded with calcium, too much for pups. I do recommend: Wellness Large breed puppy, Solid Gold wolf cub, Eagle pack large breed puppy, Acana, and Canidae. I had weaned my pups on the Wellness food, cost me about $90 a bag i think, was going through two bags a week. No cheap food for my pups ;) is a good site to see what is thought of foods. I don't know if they're bang on, but it's a rough guide.
Hi there i know its an old tread but like that i went through lots of brands over the years and maybe your still not happy, Ive used nearly all the top brands and cheap ones and supplements but i switched to a full raw prey model diet a year ago and am sorry i didn't switch years started off a bit expensive but trust me it gets cheaper and cheaper as time goes on with amazing results got myself two second hand chest freezers really cheap and fill them roughly once or twice every two months i get most of my food directly from the slaughter house and get fish heads more or less free , always freeze salmon or the likes for 24 hours before feeding , i feed fish once sometimes twice a week and the main diet is raw meaty bones normally pig as there soft and offal once a week eg. heart,liver,kidney and some green tripe when i can get it as there not really meant to give out to the public , also if i get any chicken and rabbit from time to time and i give them raw eggs too. i spend about 3 hours every 2 months chopping and freezer bagging it all up and so the night before feeding i take out a bag for each dog there you go. ther a good raw feeding forum on yahoo well worth checking out pet food is a big million dollar scam

I'm sorry that I resurrect the old topic, but it's just that I myself once encountered this issue, and spent a lot of time to find really useful information, I don't believe there is such a thing as "the best food" for any dog.i would suggest you do your research and then pick a food you feel comfortable with, that is easily available and within your price range. You want to find a food that has no corn, soy, or wheat in it. Also, avoid by-products. By-products can be anything including beaks, feet, etc. Look for meals(ie chicken meal, fish meal, etc). Canidae is what I feed and my dogs do well. Innova is also a very good food. Also, don't get anything with animal digest in it...yuck!You want to find a large breed puppy formula because you don't want him to grow too fast (too much protein like agility dog said) Meat as the first ingredient is better than anything with corn as the first ingredient IMO. I feed Fromm, but it is more expensive, and not really readily available to most people. Royal Canin is expensive and also not of good quality. Having just looked at the ingredient list of the French Bulldog version, it has rice and wheat as the first two ingredients - they are just fillers. It's got animal fat in it - no mention of what that animal is. For a dog that is prone to skin problems, it is not good. A good quality food has the named meat source at the top of the list of ingredients and is clearly labeled - no ambiguity. The purchaser should know exactly what it contains. Here is an article about the domination of the big four pet food companies and the poor quality of some of their products. There are a lot of useful videos on this topic on Youtube, I will leave here one of them, as many often have similar questions. Good Luck.

Hello James,

Thank you for reviving this topic. It is good to see back on the site and sharing your thoughts.

That is a very informative post.  Since we moved to Texas 8 years ago, we have fed a completely raw diet but now we found Taste of the Wild kibble and have been putting some in the dog's food.  It is expensive but not as expensive as a totally raw diet.  Our dogs have no issues that can be seen so far and they are doing well. With the understanding that there is no "best dog food," I encourage our readers to also check out Taste of the Wild and give it a try.


Best wishes and thanks for posting.