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Breed Suggestion

This is hypothetical question. I have no more room for any more dogs. I love my dogs and will keep them for the rest of their lives. That being said they are not the best type of dog suited for guarding my house/property if you have read my previous posts and are familiar with the problems i have been having.

So question is, what dog would you guys suggest for me? I have about a 2 acre property, with multiple vandalism's and attempted break ins to my house. I need the real deal here. I dont want to have to deal with DA issues, keeping dogs seperated at all times or when not home etc. The dog will at least need to get along with the opposite sex. I am fine with feeding them separately.

I am thinking along the lines of 2 dogs in the future. One with speed to actually catch the intruder, and a powerfull breed to finish him off. What good is the dog if the guy can make it to the fence before the dog gets him? and with such a large property, thats a high chance. 

I am not interested in police work, strictly home/family protection.

If the intruder is caught, I want them dead.


Caucasian Shepherd!

Two acres is nothing for them to protect. Everything you need they have. And I guarantee the intruder WILL NOT reach the fence before them!

They definitely have the speed to catch AND they WILL finish him off!

The key (as with any breed) is where you get your dogs from.

 Tt is best to look outside of America for a decent "working" line. This goes for just about any breed imho.

whats the average price for one?

There are a number of breeds that can easily do this. There are mixed breeds that can as well. I will not recommend a specific dog breed. When that is done it is because of our person prejudice and preferences. If I recall correctly you have pit bulls. If that is correct they are more than able to do the work. Even though they weren't red to guardians they can and do excel in it when taught.


This is the problem I have with what you are asking. Please don't take this the wrong way. I mean no harm. You are going about this the wrong way or the wrong way of thinking. Of course you already know i;m a strong advocate of proper training if you want a good guard dog. The statement that I have a problem with is that you want them dead. You want them caught and basically killed before they get over the fence.


My personal preference if for them to never step a foot onto my property. My dogs accomplish this well. But lets say you take it the way that you said. You are going to end up in court. You are going to have a huge bill for lawyers. There is a good chance that you dogs will be put to sleep and you will be fined and charged. You may end up in jail and prison. Most laws will not favor you. In our minds they are trespassing. Yes they are. But the law will look at you as having premeditated having viscous dogs that are a danger to the community. They will likely throw the book at you. You will feel that you have been wronged.

Not only do I have dogs and train dogs for personal protection. I also teach martial arts. I don't teach it for sport. I can and I have But I teach it for self defense but more towards life preservation. The intent and tactics are different for competing and for life preservation. Self defense is actually a legal term that we often use incorrectly in terms or martial arts. Most people that rain or don't train will say statements similar to yours in regards to "self defense". I even have a student that I had to talk to about this thinking he should know better. He was working do repossessions. He and a co-worker found a car they were looking to repossess. While doing this the owner who is behind on their payments came out and tried to stop them. Apparently she got in the car and may have tried to hit one of the guys. My student for some unknown reason jumped on the car while it was moving.  Now holding on for his life. The police shows up. I don't recall the order in which they came. She stops the car. She gets out. He shoves her. He's mad. The police asked them do they want to let her go with the car or keep the car and get a ticket for assault. In his mind his shove was in self defense because she tried to hit them with the car. I tried to explain it to him the law says you can only do so much in self defense and when it warrants it This was no longer self defense because she was no longer trying to hit them. She stopped the car and got out of it. Basically she was no longer a threat. If she was attacking them they can use force to stop her. But she wasn't threatening. The police did them a favor by not charging them. If I walked up to you and punched you in the nose. Then I begin to run away. You chase me and beat me up. That is not self defense. That is assault. I'm not threatening you. I'm fleeing. The same thing with the dog. They are fleeing. They are no longer a threat. 


I'd rather tell you the truth than for you to find yourself in a bad situation and end up in jail or prison.


My suggestion is to have well trained dogs. Dogs that are intimidating enough to keep most intruders out. Use females dogs. Not because they are better at guarding. Some females are. But I don't believe all females are. Sure males ore being and often more intimidating. While I believe there is some truth to hell has no fury like a woman scorn, but that is not the reason. If you have intact males. The would be thief might use something that most intact males can't on won't resist. They bring a female dog in heat. In martial arts we teach for worst case scenario. That is worst case scenario. It is unlikely to happen. But it can. I would say for it to happen it would more likely happen to very high end homes of the very wealthy and and or famous. Not so much the average person. They have a female in heat and open the gate and send her down the street. The male is going to try to breed her.


This well trained dog should be taught food/drink refusal. Not to take food from strangers. Not to take food that is lying around. This keeps them from being poisoned.


With all of that being said. If you need that much security and they want in your space bad enough they will still get in. You might need motion sensor cameras that are monitored by the police department or your armed security firm.

damn i typed up this huge thing, but wasnt logged in and dont want to type all of it again so gonna try to keep it short.

not mad or taking it the wrong way, appreciate your concern. 

I have been doing martial arts my entire life and actively compete in what could be considered "college" level fighting. back to the dogs....

Heres the problem I have, my dogs arent in the yard 24/7 because I have a shared yard with some truckers, so if they are out they will get loose, run over, stolen and used for fighting, etc etc. i cant even leave them out in the yard too long unsupervised cause they like to dig out, and again run over, stolen, etc. I used to keep them chained up outside, have had people steal things just out of their reach. They barked at everything, so i ignored their bark. They are now inside so if they bark, i know something is going on.

Regarding people breaking in, or trespassing, I dont know if they have a gun or not and not playing around with my families safety.

if my dogs could be loose 24/7, a big dog barking on the other side of the fence would put a stop to these problems 99%, but its not an option, unless I want to risk their safety. As I was typing this I was thinking a disposable dog may be a good idea, but thats not really in my nature and I would end up caring about the dog too much, plus my other dogs wont tolerate a new dog, but now I am thinking, if I get a female, my male should tolerate the dog. I would just need the new dog to tolerate the truckers (only 2 people the dog would have to be accustomed to coming and going) but the dog would also need to bark at strangers on the other side of the fence. Then this new dog would have to hopefully either want to stay in the yard, or at least learn to avoid cars when it gets out, and hopefully not stray too far.

I am really starting to think this may be my best bet. 

my current dog is capable of doing the work but isnt ideal and he is also old. That being said he is my guard dog and I plan to continue to work him. 

let me explain my yard setup

I have a backyard where I keep a male and female (my other males mother). these 2 dogs need to be seperates from my male (the one in the videos) because they fight. My 2 dogs in the backyard are not capable of doing the work, one is too old and has injured legs and is basically a 2 legged dog otherwise she could do the work. The other one is too gentle and no way he can do it.

That leave my male, the one in the videos, he can do the work. I keep him in the house, and let him out into the yard (which is seperated from the other 2 dogs yard section) periodically. Hes kept in the house while im gone to stop people from breaking in through the front.

The other 2 are in the back to prevent people from breaking in through the back. 

I alternate yard time for all my dogs, so they get time to roam free and arent either cooped up in the house or backyard all the time.

but for the majority of the time the yard is empty, so when people break in, they are breaking into an "empty" yard.

now I am thinking of purchasing another dog, a female, to leave in the yard 24/7 that my male will get along with. this way there will always be a dog in the yard, and I can alternate the dogs around to make sure they all get their yard time as well.