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Why is it that you breed? I'm looking into it.

I've heard mostly negative things about breeding though. I've been told by other breeders "if you don't mind losing thousands of dollars a year on vet bills, dog food and spending countless hours maintaining them then yeah it's great."

What's your opinion?





Breeding is someting you do to aide in the creation of the dogs you want or just to see what comes out. Sometimes by accident and sometimes by very careful study and design. 

When we bred it was because we had a great bitch and access to a great sire. The litter was a good one and had some surprises. There were not ulterior motives other than to see what the litter would be and go through the process.

It was not that expensive and endeavor and having the pups and watching them grow was awesome.



That's what I was thinking.

If a person likes dogs it seems like the next logical step to several dog ownership and well worth the experience. I guess some breeders don't like it because of an isolated incident.