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Breeding Curriculum

What courses, curriculum, certificates or degrees by UKC ADBA or AKC or any others that you recommend for someone that wants to breed and become more familiar and educated on breeding or kennel management. I'm not interested in a four or six year degree I already have lol. Maybe a year or less certification or courses.   

Hi, yes I would contact the ICB, Institute of Canine Biology. They run courses. The courses might run for about ten weeks, 2-3 hours of reading a week. The entire course is on the internet with a private Facebook site for discussions etc. Textbooks can be bought online where ever you can find them, known stockists are published. Text books are not published by the ICB but where there are none all material is provided by the ICB. The courses run through specific dates. You can't just do a course on your own correspondence at any time. You can do individual courses as often as you like.

As far as I know this is the best (maybe also the only) place for what you're asking.

A six year degree would come in very handy (: but it's not a requirement for registration.

Good luck.

Interesting. Thanks.