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CAO Puppy Assessment - part 2

Thank you Peepers; I enjoyed reading your post and read it more than once :)

Indeed; it is one of those unfortunate things that one might face in life every now and then; the interesting part was the immense support that breeder received on that Facebook Group! Anyway, good luck to them.

CAS bloodlines in Australia are extremely limited due to the severe restrictions on dog importation. This is because Australia is a rabies free country. I don't know when or if I will be getting another dog; CAS puppies are very scarce in Australia. I started not to be fussed about having another dog; maybe it is the fear of disappointment of having another 'perfect' CAS; or, maybe it is the feeling that after Tzar we might not ever be fortunate enough to have a dog like him; what a noble and wonderful dog he was; we still miss him badly...

Thanks once again and kind regards

In the memory of Tzar