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Caucasian Vs Afghan koochee?

hello everyone!

i wanted suggestions weather a Caucasian is more aggressive or the Sage koochee?

i have 3 afghans from Afghanistan and 2 Caucasians from good breeders from Serbia and Uzbekistan at home.

the koochee's are far more aggressive than the Caucasians in terms of guarding, ways of attack and fighting. Though I know Caucasians are not fighting dogs.

But I would like to know your suggestions please...

best wishes,



HI Moin,

Good to hear from you. Would you mind telling us the purpose of the two breeds that you have?  It is important to know that the temperaments of the dogs may very widely regardless and some Caucasians could be more aggressive than the Sage Koochee and vice versa.

So, let us know the function in which the dogs will be employed and we can take it from there.  Guarding a village, Livestock Guardians, Personal Protection or hopefully not - fighting.

Remember that lines, breeding and environment plays a great role in the dogs perspective.

Gary Sicard

if you get a Caucasian that is not watered down and soften, you may find out that afghans may look like harmless sweet angels before the caucasian. Unfortunately nowadays Caucasians suffer out of the show dog / pet syndrome !!! Wait for afghans koochees to get some popularity and you will look with ...binocular to find a true guardian. Same sad path like, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Bordeaux dogs, Bulldogs, Bull terriers, Boxers among dozens others magnificent once upon a time breeds, took to the expense of the breed's creation and use and the real true dog, for the sake of shows and on the altar of money !!! Still there are some breeders and lines in Europe they breed for the real temperament of the Caucausian. These dogs cannot be approached by ANYONE BY NO MEANS, BEYOND THEIR IMMEDIATE FAMILY WHEN ADULTS, PERIOD. I have one in my yard. It will completely ignore his favorite food if it is thrown down by a ...stranger's hand, in order to completely destroy this hand (and rest of the body), no training, no voodoo things got involved here, JUST PURE INSTINCTS, LIKE ALWAYS BEEN, AND LIKE SHOULD ALWAYS BE !!! if working guard dogs is what we speak about.

Afghans are closely related to Central Asians, even nowadays into the areas around Caucasus(large enough to include several countries nowadays), they use an old saying, saying Central Asians first will think and then will attack, Caucasians FIRST WILL ATTACK AND THEN WILL THINK, guess where and why this saying came from, ...well guessed !!!