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Central Asian Dogs from Balkans

Hello everyone, I am young CAO breeder from Balkan. I have 12 adult dogs, some of them are imoprted from Russia, Bulgaria, Kazahstan and Afganistan... I like aboriginal and working dogs, dogs with caracter... Also i have few dogs in mountains, who are working theirs favourite job, shepherd job. These are some of my dogs:

Very nice and rustic looking dogs.


Oooops all the pictures have gone!?

That is the problem with externally hosted photos.  They get deleted from the host or restricted and nothing we can do for that.  Best thing is if it is not copyrighted to just upload them here - they will be here almost forever.

Gary Sicard

Hi Mardus;

could you upload your photos please;

I am fond of the Central Asian Shepherds.


The Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are awesome animals.  Slower to anger than the Caucasian but just as powerful when defending.  Great dogs.