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Central Asian Shepherd - Angello needs a home

Angello is an approximately 13 months old Central Asian Ovcharka from Turkmenistan.  Him and his sister were brought to Dubai as gifts for a family.  The family accepted the female but rejected the male. The gift giver then took him back home but he soon out grew everything in his house and he turned him out on the streets of Dubai.

Someone came to the rescue and took Angello off the street and gave him temporary sanctuary. They already had dogs so it is a difficult situation for them and they want to place "Jello" in a new home. The good news is that they will pay the full freight to get him to a good home. They are very impressed with the dog and want to see him safely cared for.


Age - about 13 months (approximate)

Sex - Male - intact

weight - 55 kg (approximate)

Disposition - Calm, easy going (still young)

Structure - Sound, a bit easty westy, lanky (as expected) will fill out as he grows

Cost - ZERO

Shipping Cost - ZERO

Medical Cost - ZERO

Ok.. Now for the photos






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Good luck, i hope he will find a new home soon!