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Dating With A LGD/Protective Breed

I guess this is mostly directed at women dating men because that's my experience, but this could apply to anyone on this site:

How do you handle dating with an LGD/Protective Breed and

1.) Do you have any funny stories?

2.) Do you have any really good tips for when you actually do want them to get along?

I really don't introduce anybody to Alphonse (my caucasian ovcharka), but it does make for some interesting conversation. A lot of men feel the need to be really aggressive and they say things about how they could whip any dog and are never scared! And that they will become the alpha dog and dominate him. It's just funny and weird but it does have me thinking about the best way to introduce him to somebody I do actually want to keep seeing seriously.

Also, I haven't written a forum in a while. I am 2 years into having my first LGD/Big Dog/CO and I am REALLY tired of the shockingly stupid things people will do to/around a dog that they know nothing about and a dog that they do know but they just... don't know what they're doing. Who has stories for that? (I know the number one tip is don't let idiots around your dog, but stuff still happens.) 


I have two Co's and I DO NOT let them meet anyone! Period!

Of course they know everyone that lives in my house.

But my advice to you, If you are not marrying someone; your dog does not need to know them.


This is just my opinion.

Do you have any pics of your dog? Where did you get it from?

He came from Montana. His parents are supposedly imports from Hunza kennels in Poland, but who knows if that's true. 

That hasn't stopped him from being handsome and talented though! I'll attach some pics.

VERY beautiful dog!

He is nice!

ill piggy back off what she said, if your not going to marry the guy, dont let the dog be accustomed to him. You may need your dog to protect you from a ex-boyfriend one day.