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so the flies are coming around pretty bad now that its getting hot. My dogs are starting to get their ears tore up.

Now I clean their yard daily.

I scoop the poop into an air tight bucket, and dump it once it gets full. about once a week, its just a home depot bucket, and they sell these screw on lids for them.

I am using spray on fly repellent for their ears.

I have also purchased those fly trap pouches home depot sells, they work very good but I am starting to think they may be doing more harm then good as they have an attractant in them, so yeah its catching a ton of flies, but its also attracting them. So I have sinced moved them away from the yard a bit so it can still catch the flies, but attracting them to an area where my dogs arent....however I am still getting flies pretty bad...........any suggestions?

If your dogs in in a kennel area you can turn fans on. The fans keep the flies from landing. Other than that you are going to get flies. The spray is temporary. They will still eventually hurt your dogs ears. I used to use that pink fly repellent and think it was called flies off. It worked pretty good but I had to do it daily. It also was pink stuff on their ears.  That was rough when I have American bulldogs and they were mostly white. It was obvious that their ears were visibly pink.


What worked for me was K9 Advantix II. It's a topical flea and tick treat. It is monthly. Not only does it kill and repels fleas and ticks it kill and or repels biting flies and mosquitoes. Other topical only did the fleas and ticks. A few might repel mosquitoes. But I couldn't find anything other than K9 Advantix II. recently I was in the store. I never see anything that they compare to K9 Advantage II. They usually compare things Front line saying it has the same active ingredients. Much to my surprise they now have a product that has the same active ingredients to K9 Advantage II that kills and repels biting flies and mosquitoes. I found it at Walmart. It was a little more reasonable than K9. I think it is call Vectra 3D.


You might want to try one of those. I'm going to try the Vectra. I know K9 Advantix II has worked well for me. You put it on every 30 days. They can bathe, swim, etc and are still covered.

i have moved the fly traps farther away from the kennel area which seems to have helped. 

Good luck with that. I've done the bag of flies trap too. It does attract flies/ Many flies come to it. But they never stop coming. I too tried moving the bag further away. Initially I thought that was working. I still ended up with flies eating my dogs ears. The only thing that worked was keeping them indoors and or the thing that repel flies or kills them.


I learned about the fans from a breeder I knew. It was more than 20 years ago. I had American Bulldogs and so did he. I had these beautiful big mostly white dogs. I had to put this pink stuff on their ears daily to keep the flies off. I was visiting him one day. I noticed his dogs ears were eaten up. I didn't see the pink stuff. I didn't notice the fan going. I asked him why the flies weren't bother his dogs. He explained that the fans prevented them from landing. Therefore, they can't bite the ears of his dogs. Then I paid attention to the fans.

yeah not a bad idea, just blow them away basically. I end up doing the same thing inside when they get in, i turn on the ceiling fan and chase them out.

Another thing you can use which is a natural bug deterrent is cedar chips. Only unfortunate part is you have to re-add weekly or after it rains. But it's Cheap!!! 

Does cedar chip keep flies and mosquitoes away? I'm just curious. I thought about getting some ceder wood just yesterday. i had my fire pit going while doing some yard work. I thought about cedar for mosquitoes. I've never tried it. I thought ceder my be a little expensive but I wasn't surr since I haven't priced it. I know it cost more than other woods when I was building my deck.


Does cedar chip keep flies and mosquitoes away? I'm just curious. I thought about getting some ceder wood just yesterday. i had my fire pit going while doing some yard work. I thought about cedar for mosquitoes. I've never tried it. I thought ceder my be a little expensive but I wasn't surr since I haven't priced it. I know it cost more than other woods when I was building my deck.

 Have you ever thought about building or buying a couple of bat houses?

I just finished up an operation where we had to control mosquitoes in a very large area (80 acres) and this was the product that we used. It is called mosquitoe barrier and works by using garlic. Check it out and read about it then let me know what you think. It worked great in the application that I used it for. Visit mosquitoe barrier

We have all heard that feeding a small amount of garlic in the dog's meal will aid in being a deterrent to parasites, mosquitoes and flies.  We used garlic in Virginia several years ago and I did keep the flies and mosquitoes away. There is an unrecognized and unproven side effect in that it hinders some degree of blood clotting which can be a problem.


I have heard about using bat houses. I have had a bat hanging out underneath my deck. It caught me off guard every time it flew past my head. The first couple of times I didn't know it was a bat. It took me a while to recognize it. Wasn't used to having them fly by my head so close. I don't think I want to deal with the bat any more than I do with flies and mosquitoes.


I will look into the barrier. I have seen this barrier thing that you connect to your water hose. You make a perimeter around your property. You can have it spray this chemical that kills mosquitoes. It will mix with your water and spray a mist. You determine the holes in the hose that will spray. You put a timer on it to spray during the time they are most active and before you host an event outdoors. I thought that was nice. My sons are gone and I'd have to do all of the work myself.


The flies were a problem for the dogs until I started using the K9 Advantix II. The flies or the mosquitoes don't bite them. If adding cedar to my fire pit along with my citronella candles would keep away the mosquitoes I'd might use that on days and barbecuing or doing some training in the yard with the dogs. I like doing a lot of training at night because of the heat. Plus that's a good time to have home invasion training. Most people don't know what their dog will do if they are not there and someone comes in. Many of those people are foolishly believe their dogs will protect their homes because they are protection breeds or because they bark. But their dogs have never been tested.

I buy cedar at out local feed store, I think it's a cubic yard for twelve dollars. I cover the area's where the dogs lay and dog houses as well as paths and any burned out spots in runs. It's a natural bug repellent, even fleas don't like it. :-) 

I read somewhere about cedar oil being food like citronella oil for mosquitoes. So I wondered about burning some cedar wood if that would repel them.


I've considered getting a fogger and using that myself. I think that would be more effective that the yard sprays.


I looked up Mosquito Barrier. There are a couple of places nearby that carry it. There are also a few places near that will apply it for me if I wanted. I may just pick up a quart and try it. If I like it a will be a lifelong customer.


I almost forgot. This is not the same misting barrier system I saw. I must have bookmarked in on my laptop instead of my desktop. I need to replace that laptop.

But here is a link to a misting system. The other one one was a tank connected to your outdoor water, some hose. You put a hole in the hose and connect the stem for the mist. You determine which areas of your property that you want to protect.

I understand and have seen the misting system at a few house.  Most people who have them that I have talked to regret putting them in because of the cost.  The mosquitoe barrier that I am referring to is made with concentrated garlic which is a natural repellent to mosquitoes. The label on the bottle say that the smell goes away for after a couple hours but that mosquitoes know can still smell it and they don't like it. I will keep them away for 3 months.  Basically all summer.

We used it on a very large campus and it worked wonders. We have also fed small amounts of garlic to the dogs and that also worked.


i used to use cedar chips for thier bedding, but switched to pine cause its softer. regarding garlic, thats a good idea. I have heard the same thing with apple cider vinegar, anyone know if its true?

the bat house may be a good idea, we actually have quite a few trees on my fence line and i would see bats in the evening from time to time

I have been considering adding some plants that are natural repellents to mosquitoes. I am also going to try that mosquito barrier. My dogs are protected with the K9 Advantix. But I get bitten often. I have to protect myself. I will enjoy my backyard more. We have been talking about using the projector outside in the summer months to show movies. It will be a drive in at home. We can have popcorn and whatever else and can even make it a family night or invite friends over. I have a shaved ice machine. That will help keep things cool. I don't like putting on the Off. I pretty much only use Off when I'm going into the Woods where I might run into ticks. I don't have flea and tick problems where I live. I have gotten the ticks when visiting other places. One year a tick bite made my son really sick. We had to take him to the hospital to get treated. We hadnt considered that the guy we were visiting could have ticks. I should have since he has 100 acres and deer and other wild life is often on his property.

yeah i was thinking of doing the same thing, i guess lavender repels insects, might plant some

The Home Depot is selling citronella plants and lemon grass plants. Both are supposed to be natural mosquito repellents. 


I'll have to look into the lavender plant. I was considering adding it to my flower garden because it's fragrant. But if it repels inscts I might put some in my vegetable garden too.

We planted some lavender and will report back if the bug population goes down.

Gary Sicard


yeah i was thinking of doing the same thing, i guess lavender repels insects, might plant some

 Well if it does not repel them you will at least have some beautify and aromatic flowers to look at. cool


I've tried the mosquito barrier and it does work. 

Lavender, marigold, catnip, basil, rosemary, citronella, lemon balm,and more are supposed to repel mosquitoes and other insects. 


I've tried the mosquito barrier and it does work. 

 Excellent.  Thank you for the confirmation of it working.  We have used it on some large properties with great success. Keeps mosquitoes away for about 90 days.


We didn't get the 90 days. But I am very satisfied with it. We got a little over 30 days. They say the average is about 30 days or 2 big rain storms. We did get multiple days straight of huge rain storms. It might have lasted longer without the rain. After we ran stopped for more than 48 hours I treated the area again. It is doing great!!!laughingcool

but does the mosquito barrier repel flies as well? im guessing yes

Unfortunately, it doesn't repel flies. 

Well, I went searching and found this site that has lots of home remedies for repelling flies outdoors. I like number 7 and number 9.  Will try #9 now in my chicken coop.


Keep us updated! 

Number 9 worked very well for us. Have not built the big one yet.