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Flirt pole bait

Do you guys think this is a good idea using a kong at the end of a flirt pole? I personally dont think so and was surprised to see his dog catch that kong mid air like that. What do you guys think? I mostly just use old shirts or rags or this rubber squeak toy my dog really likes. 


its at about 4:10 of the video

Cool video.  I think what is used on the flirt pole is totally up to the owner and what the dog responds to.  Couple consideration is the durability of the bait and its ability to withstand the dog's bite and weight without causing harm. Though unusual this works.

I typically don't let my dogs play with anything that is mine for use. No shoes, shirts, pants, slippers, gloves etc.. consequently I leave items outside and the dogs to not touch them. :) 

Can we see your dog on the flirt pole?

Gary Sicard

Flirtpole on Fit Pit

Found this one on


Gary Sicard

I just use a piece of PVC with some string, i wouldnt want to go out and buy one. The bait I use is this rubber squeak toy from big lots my dog loves, It actually works out great, because the weight and shape of the toy, its pretty had for him to catch, even on the spring pole, it ends up flying and bouncing around and taking him several times to catch it, Because of this, it provides a bit more "action" than some thing easy for him to catch such as rope, plus the toy squeaks keeping his interest. One thing I notice about my dog on the spring pole, is he whines when he sits there tugging on it, does anyone elses dog do this? He gets bored of the spring pole quickly if I am not there watching and encouraging him, seems to loose interest in it pretty fast, perhaps because he can never "win" by getting the toy? He will do flirt pole with me all day, I am guessing because he prefers the interaction with me over the spring pole.


heres an older flirt pole video with him, when I first started working the Foss command wit him.

Nothing wrong with using a Long. You can use anything. The dog doesn't care. The dog just wants to chase it. It is instinctive for dogs to chase.

yeah exactly, so since you can use anything, wouldnt something softer be a better alternative? I would imagine a solid piece of rubber being swung around could possibly injure a dogs jaw or teeth when caught. 

Only issue I would see would be with regards to bite building. 

You can easily make your own flirt pole. You just need some pvc pipe, washers, parachord, and something to tug. Flirt pole

i been using something similar but typically use a much lighter bait