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Food costs per month

I wanted to get an idea of how many dogs people own and how much they are spending on dog food. I'll start.

How many dogs do you own? 1

How much do you spend per month on food? $140

We have Caucasians = 2

Food bill is about $150.00


They are on a mostly Raw diet and fed once per day.

I have 8 dogs, I spend roughly 500.00 per month...

Ugh. tongue-out


roughly 500.00 per month.

 Ouch - that hurts the old pocket book.

Gary Sicard


Two healthy thriving dogs with excellent coats. The raw is working well.

Excellent that is good to know. Raw has worked well for us also. I wish we could find a place that sold whole rabbits. There was one in va but so far have not been able to locate one in Texas.


Have you looked online Gary, sometimes you can find whole rabbits frozen. 

Yeah.. we have looked. They are available but very expensive. I may just start raising rabbits  :)

Gary Sicard