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Home flea remedies and breeding questions

I actually have 3 dogs and 2 cats, living in rural Kansas in a wooded area we have crazy fleas! We are a little tight in our budget right now and to treat all of them with the comfortis pill would be over $100 which currently between our 3 kids, 5 animals, mortgage, and having to cover a $9500 plumbing bill, we can't afford it. I have spent money on the flea shampoos (which work to kill the fleas on the dog but aren't preventative regardless of what the label says) and topicals like frontline which seem about as effective as putting a little sugar water in a dropper and applying between the shoulder blades. I am going insane trying to get rid of the fleas in an extremely cost effective manner and didn't know if anyone here would know of any home made flea remedies that would work. On another topic, Anubis is now 1.5 yrs old and I am wanting to breed him at some point but don't know A) someone who owns a similar breed in my area or B) what kind of breeds would be best given that he is a hybrid being mostly (over 60%) Boerboel with small percentages of Dogo argentino, Kangal, and Great Dane. Any thoughts or input are appreciated and anyone who knows of any compatible females in the Wichita ks area is greatly appreciated!


The home remedy for fleas is garlic. But I don't think it will help with ticks.


I've had nothing but good success with k9 advantage. I works or fleas, ticks, mosquito, and biting flies. It last for 30 days. It's a topical like frontline. It's waterproof. 

What is the best way to apply garlic to a dog?

You mix it in their food. I can't say how much. Too much garlic can cause the dog to get sick as it is poisonous to dogs. However, it would take an extreme amount of garlic to make them sick.


There may be others on here that still use garlic for fleas. They might be able to tell you how much per pound or something like that. I use K9 Advantage.