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I could not sleep last night .....................

Last night (or I should say this morning around 3am) I was wide awake! Normally when this happens my mind runs wild (usually about winning the power ball of at least 150 million)!


Anyway, I started thinking about a do it all personal protection/property guard dog.

My first love for any breed will always be the American Pit Bull terrier. In my honest opinion; the most courageous breed pound for pound. Their tenacity and drive is unlike any thing I have yet to see. However, they were never bred to be a guard dogs but were bred to be a gladiator in the pit. I know this breed extremely well as I have owned at least 20 and I currently own 3.

I currently have Caucasian shepherds protecting my property. This is a VERY serious breed! One thing that separate them from other breeds is that they are a defensive driven dog. In a nut shell; as long as a stranger is away from my yard; my Co's are fine. Owe, but God help you If you come close or into my yard! They are normally very relaxed and chilled. But when they think there is a problem; their fast response is something to behold. My 200lb male was a cute cuddly baby boy that loved to get his stomach rubbed. But in a flash' he would turn into a monster once a stranger comes by. I have had Co's for almost six years now.

Begian Malinois is one fire cracker of a breed. I have never owned one but their motor is very impressive. Their prey drive is also VERY impressive.


So I started to imagine "creating" this breed in the lab. Here is what I came up with:

1) APBT male X Co female = F1

2) Malinois male X F1 = F2

3) F2 male X Co female = F3


F3 will be the "finish" product. I expect F 3 to be:

a) very courageous and willing to die to protect.

b) extremely high prey drive but equally high defensive drive  

c) Very high stamina but not excessively erratic energy

d) highly intelligent

e) extremely athletic and agile

f) bullet fast in responding to a threat.

g) very loving with its family members.

h) phenotypically  F3 male would be about 95-130lbs. With hair length similar to that of a German Shepherd (or a bit shorter).




Again, I could not sleep and this was going on in my mind around 3am this morning.


I would like to get you guys thoughts on this.


I like the idea of the APBT X CO as a property guard dog but I'd go in a different direction from there.

On paper it's just speculation, you don't know what you're going to get until someone breeds them. 

Let's say F2 didn't bring the right trait or quality you're looking for then it's back to trial and error until you find a breed that works better. In all it actually takes many years, hard work and a lot of money spent before you actually have a breed that is true to type and temperament. However, in the end it usually is rewarding to the person that created the breed and have something to pass on to others and a betterment of dogs as a whole.




Guard dog,

I know something like this takes ALOT of time, money and patience! At minimum, to get the results I would want would take about 15-20 years!

But hypothetically, I think this would be a fine damn animal!

the DA with the APBT is going to be a problem, and any time you use it for a cross, the DA will surely surface. fine for a one dog household I suppose.

I have seen a mal x apbt. 

I agree that the da of the apbt could be a problem.


That is why I would have the apbt further down in the pedigree. Also, I would start with one that has a lower level of da.


Then I would also choose an F1 pup that does not have any or very little da. But, I would hope to keep ALL of the other traits of the apbt.


One of my male apbt has VERY little da. Actually, a strange dog can come up to him and he would casually just check him out. On the other hand, his littermate that I have is an ABSOLUTE monster when it comes to anything on four legs. Thus I would use the male with the low da in this breeding "recipe". Of course there is the chance that he passes on a very high da on to all of his progeny.


But with the Mal blood and the Ca blood (which will be the most dominant blood) in this recipe; theoretically, the end result would not be  da. Thus will be able to work in a pack of at least 4.


what type of apbt do you have? bloodlines? are they game dogs, bullies, etc etc


what type of apbt do you have? bloodlines? are they game dogs, bullies, etc etc

 My brother,


bullies DO NOT BELONG in the same sentence!!!!

I'm sorry but stuff like this pisses me off! To say I loath the whole "bully" thing is a gross understatement!!!!!!!

But to answer your question, my APBT's are mainly Bolio. With a good amount of Tombstone and a bit of Maloney/Clouse blood.

yeah yeah, reason i ask is that if you have game dogs, the DA would be even higher than if you  have a "pitbull"

you know my friend, when mixing breeds and speaking for the psycho graphic-temperament results,  is more likely to get the weak and bad points of both, rather to gain the best, like most people like to imagine making the mixes.

Another personal of course opinion is that, the pound for pound theory, it is only a theory. I have had pit bulls, gsds, doberman, boerboel and Caucasian. Well pit bull is a very tough dog if gets provoked towards its master, I call this bodyguard but far from guard dog, too human friendly for it. Also, POUND FOR POUND AN ANT IS FAR MORE STRONG (can lift more than 60 times its weight) COURAGEOUS AND TENACIOUS THAN AN ELEPHANT !!! MAKE NO MISTAKE, IF THE ELEPHANT STEPS ON IT, HE MELTS THE ANT AND WINS, this is called real life and not theories, just my opinion.




 is more likely to get the weak and bad points of both, rather to gain the best, like most people like to imagine making the mixes.


 I have not read this written anywhere in quite sometime. True to point when crossing we tend to accentuate the good because none of us crosses for a bad thing to happen... however nature has a way of messing with our best intentions.


I have often wondered about the inherited trait of dog aggression where breeding is concerned. I think dog aggression plagues some otherwise great breeds and think the breed(s) would be better served to tone down the DA while keeping its other traits and behaviors intact. Of course this is easier said than done. Ideally, many breeds should be able to function as pack hunters. And DA is detrimental to a healthy functioning pack. I personally own dogs in my present pack that run the gamut from extremely friendly towards other dogs (male & female), to real easy to tick off and too much DA for the novice owner to handle. Thankfully, I'm no novice.

If anyone can point me to a good read on the subject, or link to a article on it, I'd be appreciative. I think this area of dog behavior needs more research.