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Just Joined

Hi there

I have just joined and setting up the profile and albums does not seem to be straight forward, or maybe I am still suffering from a mental block as I lost mu beautiful Central Asian Shepherd, Tzar, to bloat a few days ago. Would appreciate chatting with others about dogs, especially the Central Asian Shepherd breed, which is rare in Australia. Thank you.

Hi there Alaa ( is that correct?)

Sorry about your loss of your Central Asian Shepherd.  I did not know that bloat was a problem with the breed but I know of someone else who lost a couple of their CAS to bloat also.

Thank you for coming here and signing up - Yep - it is not as easy as facebook but it is easy to learn... for albums you can click this link

We have two Caucsasians now but have had many more in the past and they all died from old age.  Oldest was 16.5 years. Welcome to molosserdogs, it is great to have you.




Thank you Gary; it is great to be here and thank you for the facility ...