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Moxie Media Manager - Easy Media Management

One of the most frustrating thing about adding photos or media to a forum post or blog is that the media manager was clumsy and not intuitive.  I am please to announce that we now have Moxie Media Manager installed and it will make uploading photos to forums, blogs or ohter content much easier. 

MoxieManager is an awesome file-management plugin, supporting local uploads as well as Azure, GoogleDrive, AmazonS3 or DropBox. On top of that MoxieManager offers built-in image editor for quick cropping, color adjustment and filters.

Here is how it works.

1. When you want to insert an image.. or video just click the appropriate icon in the editor tool bar.

2. on the popup Insert/Edit Image window - click the Moxi media icon.. see the blue arrow below.

This is your media manager.

3. Create a folder to store your photos. Double click the folder to open it and then select upload and upload and browse for your photo - you can select more than on at at by holding your Ctrl key while clicking your photon on your local machine

This is the magic part.. select photo and click insert and the photo fields of the Insert/Edit Image is populated with the file info. 

This explanation may seem long and difficult .. but give it a try and see how it works for you.  I just used it to insert these screen shots into this post.

Please try it and give feedback here.



got this media manager to work with some help from the developers and boonex support. please use the above steps to give it a try.  Important that after you create your folder you then click on it before uploading so the photos go in your folder. 

Now, lets see those photos with your posts.


Gary Sicard

cool, it would be nice if when we share pictures and videos such as youtube links, where the image/link popup together rather than just the link



test run



I see that it worked for you. For video, you just need to use the video button that looks like a filmstrip.

Gary Sicard
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