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My Co's eating behaviour!

Hugo only eats when I hand feed him!

A few times I left his food in the bowl overnight but the next morning it is not touched.

I did it again last night and he did not eat. But, when I took the chicken out of his bowl and fed it to him he ate.

He will not even come to me for his food.

I normally have to take his food to him.

He would lay down and I would put the pieces of meat in his mouth and then he will eat.

This is annoying because EVERYTIME he eats, I have to hand feed him. This takes a lot of time!

Hugo is my 3rd Co and I have never experienced this before. Not to mention, all of the other dogs I've had over the years; NONE displayed this behavior!

Have you ever seen this behavior before?

Why is he doing it?

What can I do to correct this?


Thank you.



How long have you been feeding him the same food?

Sometimes it's as easy as switching to another food. But you don't want to get into a habit of always switching food if he doesn't eat because they will get spoiled and won't eat.



maybe he wants more time/attention with you? have you not been around much maybe? 

a simple solution i think would be to not feed him for 1 day, let him work up an appetite, then leave the food. Strange as his behavior is, once he is hungery enough, he will eat i bet.

Hunger is a good motivator for eating. Try not feeding him for a day and then putting the food down for him to eat.  But above all stop hand feeding him.  He will eventually eat from his bowl. It may take two or three days.


Also, if you have a bitch in heat most dogs will not eat.


Gary Sicard


there are a couple other things to investigate.  Please check your dog's bite to see if there are any issues with them being under or overshot as that can affect their ability to retrieve food from a bowl.

If the bite is level and there are not other dental issues you may consider elevating the food bowl to under chest height using a stand or other device.


Gary Sicard