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My new pup: Tskaro Hugo

Hi guys,


Well, I got an addition to my family. His name is Hugo!

My wife and I went to Miami last week to pick him up. He flew their from Russia on February 7th. And on February 8th, he was home with us in The Bahamas.

As most of you know; I lost my beloved male Yasha on October 15th, 2015! One of THE saddest days of my life. His sister Sezja has been depressed for a long time and I would say that only within the last few months,  has she been somewhat her self.

Now, there is no way Hugo can take Yasha's place BUT he has already enriched all of our lives.


Hugo is a very out going, courageous, determined, and very intelligent little pup. He was born November 27th, 2016.


Here is a picture of Hugo and Sezja at my house. 

I am happy that you got another pup in your home.  We could not see the photo but look forward to getting to see Hugo grow up with you. Thank you for sharing your story with us.


I didn't realize you could not see the picture.


Can you see it now?

Here is my boy Hugo. He is now four months old.

In some of the pictures is Sezja. She is now 5 years old.